Can’t sleep or wake up early during pregnancy?Can pregnant women’s sleep disorders take sleeping pills?Now explain

In the early stages of pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body has changed a lot, especially the level of estrogen, progesterone, and chorionic gonad hormone levels, which can inhibit the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus;And sleepy.As the number of pregnancy weeks extend, more and more pregnant women will experience sleep disorders, such as overwhelming and going to sleep, and it is difficult to fall asleep after waking up in the middle of the night. Whether you can take sleeping pills in the face of this problem.

1. Large mental stress

After pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone secretion increased, pregnant women are unstable, sensitive, suspicious, anxious or phobia, worry about fetal health problems, fear of pain during production, etc., reduce sleep quality due to huge mental stress.

2. Increased urination times

The gradual increase in uterus after pregnancy can compress the bladder, making pregnant women prone to frequent urination, reducing sleep quality due to frequent nights.When the uterus is enlarged to a certain degree, the frequent urination problem can be relieved or disappeared; however, after entering the third trimester, the enlarged uterus can compress the bladder, reduce the bladder capacity, and affect sleep due to frequent urination.

3. Sleeping position

Some pregnant women have poor sleep habits, fearing that they are oppressed when they turn over, and it is difficult to enter a deep sleep state; some pregnant women are used to lying down or lying on the right side, but the uterus in the evening of pregnancy gradually increases. Lying flat can cause low blood pressure, which can cause panic and chest tightnessWait, but often affect sleep due to changes in sleep posture.

4. Physical discomfort

Most pregnant women are prone to calcium deficiency in the middle and late pregnancy, causing leg cramps and pain; stomach discomfort, gastric acid reflux, unknown cause of heart panic, and lumbosacral soreness can also affect sleep.

5. Filial movement influence

Generally, the fetal movement in the middle of pregnancy is severe and frequent; the scope of the baby’s movement in the uterine cavity after the third trimester is reduced, and the fetal movement is weakened., Thus affecting night sleep.

6. Disadvantage

Some women resign directly after pregnancy, stay at home to play mobile phones or watch TV every day, and fall asleep directly when they are sleepy, which will affect night sleep.

Pregnant women are not the absolute contraindications of sleeping pills. Whether or not medicine can be used, but also needs to be determined based on the specific situation and the number of pregnancy weeks.Generally, there are many taboos in the early pregnancy medication, which cannot be used under the necessary situation; the baby is mature in the late pregnancy baby, and the incidence of fetal malformation caused by drugs is small.However, some ingredients in sleeping pills can enter the fetus through the placenta, which can easily cause fetal hypoxia.If the insomnia of pregnant women is very serious, or under the premise of sedation such as hypertension or diabetes during pregnancy, sleeping pills should be correctly used under the guidance of a doctor.

Kind tips

Under the necessary circumstances, pregnant women with sleep disorders should not use sleeping pills as much as possible, and life can be tried to condition.Maintain regular schedules, understand the common symptoms of pregnancy, reduce unnecessary anxiety and tension, so as to go to bed early and get up early, do not rely on bed, reduce sleep time during the day.Do not drink drinks containing caffeine after 3 pm, and appropriate calcium supplementation in the middle and late pregnancy; appropriate activities such as walking, practicing yoga or swimming, etc.; Strictly follow the doctor’s advice to detect the obstetrics early;Music, meditation or foot soaking to sleep.

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