Can’t pregnant women take care of her skin care during pregnancy?

Pregnant women’s skin care is also biased?I am afraid that the world’s concept is afraid to die, and the most afraid of the older generation of people with their words.For pregnant women, there have been too many restrictions on their rules since ancient times.

To the distance, women who are pregnant in ancient times are not less than modern.Liu Qingzhi also said in the book: "The ancient women were pregnant, do not sit on the side, do not sit side by side, do not stand up, do not eat evil taste, do n’t eat it, do n’t sit right.”

It means that ancient pregnant women cannot lie sideways, cannot sit on the corners of the stool, and do not stand on one foot.Do not eat things with abnormal flavors while eating, but also cut the food square and eat it before eating.

Closer, modern women generally make makeup everyday.But once you are pregnant, many people will start to become tangled. I don’t know if you can make up or use skin care products.

Because people of the older generation always say this- "You should be pregnant when you are pregnant", "Don’t use cosmetics, those who are poisonous, it will be bad if you hurt your children", "This cannot be worn by this., That can’t be used "…

For the prospective mothers who love beauty, the lethality of the face is more serious than the pregnancy reaction.Because the physical hormone of the expectant mothers during pregnancy can change, the skin of pregnant women becomes black and rough.

The editor wants to say who stipulates, and women during pregnancy are not allowed to have the right to pursue beauty?

The concept of paranoia has too many impacts, but only to choose skin care products for pure plants for pregnant women. Pregnant women can still be beautiful during pregnancy, and their mood is still beautiful ~

During the during pregnancy, because the hormone in the pregnant woman changed, and the secretion of oil was more vigorous than usual, it was difficult to clear the greasy feeling on the face alone.

Pregnant women who are pregnant in autumn and winter have been easy to tighten and dry in autumn and winter.So pregnant women can skin care during pregnancy!

Pregnant women can choose some pure natural skin care products that do not contain chemicals during pregnancy.However, when choosing skin care products, pregnant women should pay attention to ingredients. Skin care products generally contain preservatives, aromatherapy compounds, pigments and other components that are absolutely impossible during pregnancy.

So can pregnant women make up during pregnancy?

In fact, this principle is not recommended to make up for pregnant women. Cosmetics contain heavy metal substances such as mercury and lead. After the skin absorption, it may affect the normal growth and development of the fetus.But as long as you pay attention to some problems, pregnant women can actually make makeup during pregnancy.

Do not buy irritating cosmetics!Intersection

Some pregnant mothers pay attention to the brand problems of cosmetics when makeup. In fact, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the ingredients of cosmetics. It is best to choose mild cosmetics.

Some hydrating lotion is more suitable. It is best not to use whitening products during this period.

Don’t get perm and hair!Intersection

Most hair dye contains chemicals, and the skin of pregnant mothers is more sensitive. After contacting the hair dye, there may be some adverse reactions, causing headache and swelling of the face, and the eyes will be harmed.

So in summary, pregnant women can also make up during pregnancy. Just pay attention to good methods!Intersection

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