Can’t make up for pregnancy?Can olive oil prevent stretch marks?8 truths notice for expectant mothers

Pregnancy is the most critical time period for women and enjoy the joy of being a expectant mother.However, the level of hormone in the body after pregnancy has changed a lot, especially the level of estrogen and progesterone, and multiple parts of the body will change, such as stretch marks, weight gain and edema.There are many health knowledge about pregnancy on the Internet, but it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. After reading the following articles, you can understand.

1. olive oil cannot prevent stretch marks

The reason why stretch marks are president is because the level of glucocorticoids during pregnancy increases, which degenerates skin elastic fibers. When the skin tension is elevated, the fiber will break, which will cause stretch marks.Olive oil cannot be prevented at all. Only by controlling growth during pregnancy and avoiding too fast weight growth, stretch marks can be prevented.

2. Early pregnancy CT will hardly affect the baby

Many women do not know that they are pregnant. As a result, they took CT on the chest and worried that it would affect the growth of the baby’s baby and be abortion. In fact, this worry is completely unnecessary.

3. There is no need to wear radiation -proof clothing during pregnancy

Radiation needs to reach 5 to 10 units to affect the health of the fetus, which is about 50 continuous abdomen.Playing with mobile phones and computers, household appliances, etc. will not bring so much radiation, so wearing radiation protection uniforms is not necessary.Besides, if pregnant women receive large doses of radiation, wearing ordinary radiation prevention clothes will not have any radiation prevention effect.

4. Pregnant women can make up

Pregnant women can make up, but the premise is that they must choose high -quality makeup supplies produced by regular manufacturers, while light makeup, and remove makeup carefully before going to bed. This will not affect the growth and development of the fetus.

5. Calcium supplement does not cause placental calcification

Calcium in fetal bones generally starts to reserve in the third trimester, so calcium should be reasonably supplemented in the third trimester. Eat more high calcium foods such as dairy products, green leafy vegetables and shrimp skin. At the same time, the sun should be appropriately exposed to promote calcium absorption.Placental calcification is a normal physiological phenomenon of the placenta, which is closely related to the lock of the velvet, but it has nothing to do with calcium supplementation.

6. The fetal hip position also has a good chance of giving birth

At 36 weeks of hip pregnant women, the hip position is performed under the operation of a doctor with rich clinical experience, and the fetus is transformed into the head position. As long as there is no vaginal trial taboos, vaginal delivery can also be given.

7. Do not overeating during pregnancy

For a single pregnant woman with a normal weight, there is no need to increase the calorie intake in the early stages of pregnancy, and increase the calories after the middle and late pregnancy.During this period, you must pay attention to eating less meals, so as to diverse diet, balanced nutrition and health, and adjust the calorie intake according to the weight of pregnant women and the growth of the baby.

8. Pregnant women can drink coffee

Pregnant women can drink coffee, but they must control the amount. Pregnant women cannot drink heavy strong coffee or American coffee.

Kind tips

During the pregnancy, comprehensive care should be done to ensure the balanced and diversified nutrition. The food you eat must be cooked thoroughly, and try not to eat leftovers.Make sure you have enough sleep, sleep for 7 to 8 hours a night, and have a 30 -minute lunch break during the day; keep a peaceful mindset and avoid great stimulation of mental spirit; pregnant women who are healthy should choose to mitigate sports, such as walking, swimming or swimming orPregnant women yoga, etc. At the same time, they should be regularly performed in accordance with the doctor’s order.

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