Can’t corn eat often?The following three kinds of people should eat as little as possible, many people don’t understand, and there are taboos to eat corn

Can’t corn eat often?Doctors remind: The following three kinds of people should eat as little as possible, many people do not understand, and there are taboos to eat corn!In the afternoon of the summer, the breeze brushed across the rice waves, and the sun was sprinkled on the green field, as if this season was born to welcome the harvest of corn.In the farmland, the tall corn seedlings grow tenderly, with a vibrant atmosphere.On our table, corn also became one of the favorite ingredients for people with its sweet taste and rich nutrition.

However, despite the popular corn, there are some hidden taboos and health warnings, and many people do not understand.Doctors remind us that corn is not suitable for everyone.Especially for the following three types of people, you should treat corn intake carefully.While we taste delicious, we must also pay attention to physical health.

As a nutritious grain, corn contains a large amount of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, which has many benefits to human health.However, doctors point out that some people need to be careful when eating corn.

First of all, diabetic patients are one of the people who need special attention.Although the dietary fiber in corn can help control blood sugar, the starch content of corn will be quickly converted into glucose and released into the blood.This may lead to severe fluctuations in blood glucose levels, making the blood sugar control of diabetic patients more difficult.Therefore, diabetic patients should limit the amount of corn intake, especially the processing corn products, such as corn slices and corn starch.

Secondly, people with digestive systems should also reduce the intake of corn.The fiber content in corn is high and sometimes causes excessive burden on the stomach.For those who suffer from gastric ulcer, gastritis, and intestinal syndrome, excessive corn intake may cause discomfort such as abdominal distension, stomach pain, and indigestion.Therefore, they should limit the amount of corn, or match with other digestible foods when intake.

Finally, people with allergies need to treat corn carefully.Corn is one of the common allergens, and some people may be allergic to protein in corn.For people with allergies, eating corn may cause allergic reactions, including itching of skin, dyspnea, and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Boiled corn is a simple and delicious snack. In the traditional cooking method, we usually use water to cook cooked corn, and then sprinkle salt and butter.However, now I want to share with you a modified version of the boiled corn method. By adding some special seasonings to make corn more fragrant and delicious.

Step: Prepare fresh corn, peel the corn to the leaves and silk of the outer layer, cut into appropriate length, and set aside.Add enough water to the pot, add an appropriate amount of salt, and boil the water.When the water boils, put the corn in the pot and cook until the corn becomes soft and waxy, which takes about 10-15 minutes.In another small bowl, prepare seasonings.Middle a small piece of butter, add an appropriate amount of sesame oil, and stir well.Add some pepper powder and garlic powder to adjust the spicyness and flavor according to personal taste.Finally, squeeze some fresh lemon juice and stir well.When the corn is cooked, remove and drain the water.

Put the cooked corn in a large bowl, pour it into the prepared seasoning, and gently stir it with a spoon to ensure that each corn is evenly wrapped in the aroma.Let the corn be placed for a while, let the seasoning penetrate into the corn, and enhance its flavor.Finally, you can choose to use some fresh coriander or green onion as a decoration to add color and taste.

This improved version of boiled corn adds special seasonings such as sesame oil, pepper, garlic powder and lemon juice on the traditional basis.Search oil gives corn a unique aroma. The pepper powder and garlic powder add a slight spicy and strong aroma, while the lemon juice adds a fresh sour taste to the whole dish.

This boiled corn can be used as a perfect snack for summer picnic, barbecue dinner or family gathering.Each corn grain is full and juicy, the mouth is sweet and glutinous, and the flavor and taste of the seasoning will make you linger.Sharing this delicious with family and friends will definitely add joy and good time.

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