Can’t be said in less than three months of pregnancy, is it superstition?Listen to the nutrition science behind Amway Nutrilite

I ca n’t say less than three months of pregnancy. No one has listened to the older generation’s instructions. Even the female stars in the entertainment news seem to be open after three months of pregnancy!Is there any scientific reason behind this old saying?

The reason given by the elders is that the "fetal god" is unstable in the first three months of pregnancy, and it is not auspicious.But in fact, behind such folklore, there is also a shadow of modern nutrition: medical research shows that women’s beds in the three months before pregnancy are still unstable, and 80%of the accidents occur in the first three months.

On the other hand, the first three months of pregnancy is also a critical period for the development of the fetus. During this period, mothers need to effectively supplement the corresponding nutritional elements to prevent babies from suffering from congenital diseases.

Although the concept of nutritional supplement has been promoted in my country for many years, the road to popularity has been long -term: so far, China has been a high -incidence country with defects, and babies with congenital diseases account for about 4%of the total number of births.Most of the induction factors of many congenital diseases are caused by women who do not know how to supplement nutrition during pregnancy.

So, how should women supplement nutrients correctly in early pregnancy?

For mothers, the most needed nutrients that need to be supplemented in the early stages of pregnancy are folic acid. It is a water -soluble vitamin, also known as vitamin B9, which can help prevent fetal tube deformities such as brain and spine bales.It is recommended that mothers start supplementing folic acid from pregnancy, to be supplemented at least 3 months after giving birth, or even ending the breastfeeding period.

The human body does not synthesize folic acid and can only be taken from the outside world. Although many fruits and vegetables have folic acid, they are unstable. After cooking, they are lost quickly and are difficult to use.Moreover, if you want to get a sufficient amount of folic acid, you need to eat at least half a catty of dark green leafy vegetables. It is difficult for pregnant mothers to consume such a large amount every day. The common method is to match folic acid supplements outside the daily diet.Pregnant mothers are recommended to make up 0.4mg folic acid every day. If you do not make up in advance during pregnancy, you need to increase the replenishment. Folic acid within 1 mg is safe for a long time.

At present, there are many categories of folic acid tablets on the market. The products that pregnant mothers eat their mouths must choose cautiously, avoid greedy cheap, or blindly try the so -called net red products. Be sure to choose a big brand with trustworthy and historic.Among them, Amway Nutrilite, which has a history of 85 years, must have a name. For more than 80 years, Nutrilite has focused on researching plant nutrients, insisted on obtaining natural raw materials from organic farms, and has a harsh traceability system.The steps have strict quality monitoring, and quality is a conscience brand. No wonder Olympic players and celebrity mothers will choose it.

There are many pregnant mothers around the use of Amway Nutrilite ferolic folic acid tablets. Each tablet contains 0.133 mg of folic acid. It also contains ricaricate and glucose and ferrite. It does not add artificial spices, synthetic pigments or preservatives. The cost performance is very high.According to the use of pregnant mothers, this iron folic acid tablets are very simple and convenient to take. As a dietary supplementary product, it can be 1-3 times a day. The surface is also very intimately covered with Nutrilock tablets to avoid the loss of nutrients.Mom swallowed.

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