Canned yellow head sells out of stock!Manufacturer: No effect, netizens: You don’t understand

When the epidemic has entered a new stage,

All kinds of medicines have become tight products,

And in this few days,

A special reserve,

But unexpectedly sold the goods first.

That is -canned yellow peach.

On December 9th, a canned brand posted a rumor on a social platform that the canned Huang Tao can have no effect effect, and persuaded netizens to rationally stock up and not follow them blindly.The manufacturer also said that there is currently sufficient supply, so you don’t have to be frightened or crazy.

Netizen: Canned Huang Tao has no medicinal effect, but it has magic power

It is said that in the northeast/north, no matter whether it is seriously ill or small diseases, it is better to come to the canned yellow peach;

Nowadays, according to the stocking situation, it is easy to judge a person’s hometown: if there is Huang Chengcheng’s canned heads in his reserves, the other party is mostly from the Northeast (or other northern regions).

Why is the canned Huang Tao be the "medicine god" in the north?

In the eyes of a generation of northerners, it is "rehabilitation magic medicine".As large as surgery, small to a cold, a bite of yellow peaches can jump three feet high immediately.

The description of "Xuan Zhi and Xuan" once made southern netizens unbelievable until a large number of northern children came out to prove that when we were young, this was a "good medicine" of the positive eight classics.

"啵" to unscrew the lid

"Swim and Swelling" suck two juice

Then dig a few pieces of yellow peaches with an iron spoon

Pour a little canned water

After eating

The disease will always be magically recovering

Someone tries to analyze from a scientific perspective

Perhaps vitamins have enhanced immunity

Or the canned food is cold, eat the body to cool down

But for children

More possibilities are a kind of spiritual comfort

Each of Qin Liang Sweet

They are full of love and concern


Peach is also full of fruits

The beautiful wishes of the old people.

The ancients believed that peach branches could drive evil,

Tao can also mean "healthy longevity" (Shou Tao),

And contemporary,

"Peach" is the same as "escape",

There is also the saying that eating peach "escape from a robbery".

Combined with these factors,

These children who eat canned food,

There is also the impression of "eating peaches in life".

Slowly, get sick and eat canned yellow peaches

Become a "sense of ritual"

As you get older, the memory is lengthened

Yellow Peach can be a "protecting God"

"Yellow Peach Canned God" after the fire

Many southern netizens have also said that they have been planted

Buy one after another

Although they are no longer a child who has been taken care of by their parents, in fact, their bodies have already developed conditional reflection -whenever they have a cold and fever, they always want to come to the sweet yellow peach.

It is not simply a food, and people know that it has no actual effect, but it can symbolize "rehabilitation", symbolizes "peace of mind", and symbolizes the time that can be taken care of by parents.

Expert reminder:

Canned Huang Tao may increase cough

Although canned Huangtou is the psychological "magic medicine" of many northerners, experts said that canned yellow peach can boost appetite, but it is more like a sweet "placebo" and cannot relieve the symptoms of the disease, especially the cough, especially the coughDon’t eat it time.

For many people who have a poor appetite because of a cold and fever, the appropriate amount of yellow peaches also help supplement energy and boost appetite.Zuo Xiaoxia introduced: "Yellow peach contains more sugar, which can quickly supplement energy to the body and restore some physical strength. And yellow peach is rich in dietary fiber, especially the content of pectin has more components, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and intestinal laxative; yellow peach in the yellow peach;The citric acid, gibic acid, etc. contained in it can stimulate appetite when the appetite is not good, so that people can eat something. "

Gao Xiaoling, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Medicine of the Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, introduced that when coughing symptoms, sweets like canned yellow peach can aggravate cough.On the one hand, sweets can directly stimulate the nerves of the throat, causing cough to reflectively; on the other hand, because sugar can stimulate the throat mucosa, resulting in increased throat secretions.Thickening is thicker, which makes the sputum difficult to cough and aggravate cough.There are also cough If it is a symptom of respiratory tract infection, sugar in sweets can cause a large amount of bacteria to breed and reproduce, so it will increase the cough.

Have you ever eaten canned yellow peach?

Comprehensive: Liaoshen Evening News, Xin Yellow River, People’s Daily Health Client

Source: Cover News

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