Canadian school sex education is explicitly attracting parents to protest

According to media reports, the Canadian Ontario Government launched a new outline of sex education and was officially awarded in class in September this year.Once the news came out, it caused heated discussion among the people and was strongly opposed by most parents.

Due to the overall content of the sex education outline of the sex education outline, it has caused extreme anxiety of parents and religious people.On May 3rd, thousands of long -term students gathered in front of the Missisa Campaign in Greater Toronto for sound protests.Many parents think that their children need sex education, but they cannot be too advanced and explicit as the sex education outline.The content of education should be consistent with the age of children. Premature sex education misleading will not be conducive to children’s physical and mental health and development.Some parents said that they never thought that they would teach and even the concepts of gender identity, gender orientation, etc. in young children, so that the child would not find a real self.

According to the arrangement of the new version of the sex education outline, third -year students must know what is homosexual and homosexual marriage, and know that there will be families formed by two men or two women;From time to time, we must know the generation of menstruation and sperm; grade six (12 years old) students must know that vaginal lubrication and masturbation are normal and harmless, and it is a way to understand the body;Discuss pregnancy and contraception, and discuss anal sex and oral sex; in the eighth grade, we must know that there are six gender in human beings, namely men, women, transgender people, cross -sex people, male and female, and people with two sexual intentions.

Such sex education arrangements have aroused strong dissatisfaction of church, Asian and Islamic parents.They believe that such education content violates their religious beliefs and values.Other parents believe that such education is too advanced. Because children are still small, prematurely doing these sex education will disperse their children’s attention, which will affect the learning of other necessary knowledge.

However, the Liberal Party of the mainstream society agrees that they have the right to understand their own physical and sexual desire.And they also claim that most sexual damage is the consequences of parents suppressing their children not to understand sexual knowledge.

Canada, as a diversified country, is difficult to achieve unified opinions in a short time in this issue.As early as 2010, the government had introduced a similar syllabus for sex education. Due to the opposition, the government had to withdraw the outline.But this time, although the voices of opposition are still strong, the Canadian government does not have the slightest sign of the concession. It is unknown whether there will be compromises in the future.However, the Minister of Education in Canada provided advice on parents who could not participate in the school’s sex education courses according to the situation.However, in this case, will their children laugh at the children of the sex education courses?This is another issue that parents worry about.It seems that the road of "sex education" is still long and bumpy.

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