Can you use skin care products during pregnancy?

About whether skin care products can be used during pregnancy

Regarding whether you can use skin care products during pregnancy, I believe that many Baoma is entangled. In fact, I think skin care products still need to be used. It is best to choose a good brand that is mild and irritating.

Human skin structure is divided into epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue.Strathil: Horn protein is the main component of avoiding excessive evaporation of water.It can prevent external dust, bacteria, etc.From entering the body.At the same time, the water in the body is prevented from excessive evaporation.Transparent layer: Only in the palm and soles of the feet.Granules layer: consisting of stones or cells, can neutralize acidic substances, contain crystal keratin, can bend the sun, and weaken the damage of ultraviolet rays.Soby layer: weak acidity is a living cell with stones, which has the ability to divide; the base layer: is the regeneration layer of each layer of the epidermis to prevent the ultraviolet from excessive penetration into the body.Leather: The leather is a connective tissue located under the epidermis.

The facial cleanser is just eliminating the dirt and oil secretions on the surface, that is, the epidermis, and cannot deepen the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.There is no side effect on the baby in the stomach.

I did n’t understand when I was born. I heard that the skin care products were useless. As a result, the skin was super worse after pregnancy.Now that I am pregnant, I insist on using regular pregnant women’s skin care products after pregnancy.

Among them, the sea salt cleans mite soap has the effect of removing oil and mites, cleaning the face is clean, and pregnant women can also use it.Mainly there are black head acne on the nose, and the squeezed white bar is mites.The effect of 3 to 5 days is significant. After the cleansing is not dry, it is very moist.

The second is the mask. I personally use only hydration, and there is no need to use any other whitening mask.During pregnancy, there are more oils on the face. The water supplement mask is basically applied every day. The entire pregnancy is basically one day.

At that time, I was still at work. Everyone said that my skin was getting better and better.And when you are pregnant, it is really useless to have skin care products. For fear of any impact on the baby in your arms. Basically, it is necessary to wash your face with clear water, so the skin is super bad in the later period.In fact, after doing skin care, the so -called baby girl’s skin will get better and better. The saying that the baby’s skin is getting worse and worse, it does not exist.

As long as you use the skin care products that are suitable for you, choose a specialty for pregnant women, which basically has no effect.

Isn’t it that there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women?

In fact, skin care is necessary.

Even if you are pregnant, you have to treat yourself better!Be a delicate self!

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