Can you make up when you are pregnant?Can you use skin care products?Xiaobian tells you the truth!

Some time ago, Baby successfully gave birth to a small sponge. Angelababy, who had just upgraded her mother, held Huang Xiaoming at the entrance of the hospital.

Not only that, BABY also rushed through a big stomach during pregnancy, and did not delay at all.

There is also a Weibo goddess Yao Chen. When the career is about to have a second child, there are no shortage of various occasions.

So the question is, can I make up during pregnancy?

If it has an impact, how does the baby come into contact with cosmetics?

Unborn babies absorb nutrients through the umbilical cord. If the material of cosmetics wants to enter the umbilical cord, they must pass through the epidermal layer, dermis layer, subcutaneous tissue, absorb them, and then pass through the blood circulation to enter the placenta from the umbilical cord.The content and absorption efficiency of the nutrients in skin care products are not high, and the amount of dosage is not high, which affects the baby’s probability.

What should I do if I eat lipstick and wait?

First of all, the ingredients of lipstick are wool fat, paraffin oil, palm wax, beeswax and color agent, etc., which will increase the probability of fetal malformations. Therefore, at this time, mothers try to use pregnant women as much as possible.It is best not to apply lipstick at time, because the probability of anemia during pregnancy is relatively high, and reddish redness may cover the signs of anemia.

Isn’t hair dyeing during pregnancy?

When Kun Ling was pregnant, the schedule was full. Not only did she appear in the mirror, but also dyed her hair. At that time, many Jaylen fans left a message on Kunling Weibo to question. In the end, Kun Ling left a message to explain that it was a plant dyeing agent.I will cause harm to the child. I asked the doctor before use, and Hathaway is now healthy and cute ~ But it is still recommended not to dye hair casually. After all, many chemical components are not clear. Is it guaranteed not to add without adding.

What do you want to use whitening products?

This depends on the composition of whitening products. Many whitening products contain hormone ingredients such as lead or mercury. Long -term contact will damage the nerves, digestion and endocrine systems. For safety reasons, it is recommended not to use it.

In fact, with the identity of a mother, no matter how beautiful, you are the most beautiful in the eyes of your child ~

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