Can you eat Liangpi?Come and see, I know that I have the bottom of my heart

Guide: You can eat Liangpi during pregnancy, but you need to control the amount. You still have no time. Occasionally you eat Liangpi several times to change the taste, but do not overdo it.

Can I eat Liangpi during pregnancy?We analyze and answer this question from the following points.

First, Liangpi’s ingredients

Second, can Liangpi pregnant women eat it?

Third, control the cold food

First, Liangpi’s ingredients

There are almost chopped cold skin, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame sauce, pepper or pepper, minced garlic or garlic, gluten, water -oriented mung bean sprouts, cucumber shreds, etc.

The main ingredients of Liangpi are rice and wheat. Rice and wheat are rich in carbohydrates. Personally, I personally think that Liangpi is not different from the nutrition of the steamed buns or rice we usually eat.The taste is good.

I like to eat Liangpi very much. The taste of Liangpi is smooth and cool, especially in the hot summer, a cold skin is simply an artifact to solve the heat.

When I was in the late pregnancy, the weather was hot. I really wanted to eat Liangpi. I also bought a few times to solve it. For the sake of the fetus, I did n’t eat a lot of food, because the food safety problem is very severe, I can’t ensure that I love the Liangpi I love to eat.something.

Second, can pregnant women eat Liangpi?

1. Pregnant women can eat Liangpi, but it is best to eat less, do not excess.

I sell Liangpi at home as soon as I am a relative, and I can sell three large pots of Liangpi every day. Because the business is too good, she cuts the Liangpi in the basin first. Customers think that her cold skin is delicious than the other home.I asked her once after eating, why is the Liangpi of your family so delicious? She said, I put gel.

Since then, I have never bought Liangpi of her house again.

The Liangpi pregnant women who are not added eat at most because the Liangpi itself is not very nutritious. It is necessary to eat other foods to add, but if there is something added in Liangpi, it may indeed affect the fetus in the stomach.

This is why I recommend that pregnant women eat less Liangpi, because there are indeed some vendors who will take risks to benefit, regardless of customer safety.

2. Pregnant women can make Liangpi by themselves

If pregnant women really want to eat Liangpi, they can do it by themselves. Although it may taste worse than the merchant, it is at least safe and assured.

When I want to eat Liangpi at home, I do it myself, and now I will share with you.

Put the dough into the water and pinch it to the last thing left is the gluten, and the noodle water can be used to make cold skin.Find a flat board, apply oil on the plate, pour in the noodles, steam the plate on the steamer, steam for more than ten minutes, and the cold skin will be formed.

When using noodle water to make cold skin, we can let the noodle water precipitate first.

In addition to this method, it can also be made with starch, and starch does not need to pinch it.Mix starch and water, stir well, do not need to precipitate, go directly to the flat chassis of the oil, put it on the steamer, and the cold skin is good after ten minutes.

Cut the steamed cold skin, put it in the seasoning, and a safe cold skin is ready.

Third, control the cold food

Foods such as Liangpi are cool and appetizing, but pregnant women should be cautious. After all, too cool foods may cause diarrhea. If pregnant women have severe diarrhea, it will cause dehydration, which will affect their nutritional supply.

There is an old saying: Don’t be afraid of 10,000, just in case.Don’t be greedy for cold food.

Important tips: You can eat Liangpi during pregnancy, but you ca n’t eat it frequently or too much. If you want to ensure the safety of the cold skin, you can eat cold skin by themselves. Pregnant women must not be greedy.

Today’s topic: Do you also eat Liangpi during pregnancy?

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