Can you drink tea when you are pregnant?There is a way to drink tea during pregnancy

Speaking of drinking tea, the post -90s and even the new generation of 00s, you must be crazy in your heart. You are a ash -level big man. Of course, I am a "real incense".I used to drink boiled water in the past. I will make a pot of tea every day on the table every day.

This tea is really fragrant ~

I believe that most young people start drinking tea. The reasons are relatively similar: boiled water is tired, drink more tea = drink more hot water, tea tastes, and tea can be greasy. In short, they refuse to serve the old.Now the wolfberry in the thermal insulation cup has become tea. Congratulations, everyone has secretly entered the "health" mode ~

My friends around me are really much more sincere: fruit tea, flower tea, grain tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea … and a few pregnant female colleagues holding a kind of "there is always adulterer who wants to drink tea.The idea of harming me, just smell it ~

Seriously, for the special group of pregnant women, they are afraid of everything and want to eat everything.Can you drink tea after pregnancy?The answer will really make you laugh secretly ~

Don’t doubt, what I drink is tea!

Can’t drink tea during pregnancy?

Who said that?IntersectionIs it because of caffeine?IntersectionMany mothers know that caffeine is not good for the baby in the stomach. Here we have to emphasize that "cutting the dosage toxicity is toxicity, which is a hooligan!"According to the suggestion of the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Association: It is recommended that the caffeine intake of less than 200 mg will not cause natural miscarriage or premature birth.Therefore, for pregnant mothers, drinking 1 cup of coffee a day, almost 240ml will not cause too much problems to the baby baby, no need to worry.

Of course, tea will contain tannic acid, which will affect the absorption of calcium.But don’t worry first, under the premise of controlling caffeine, pregnant mothers drink a cup of coffee a day. Among them, the amount of tannic acid is very small, and it can almost ignore it.So let’s let go of a cup of coffee.

Black tea, green tea, oolong tea … What tea is good for pregnancy?

black tea?green tea?Oolong tea …

Here we are briefly popular here. We often say that we often say that black tea and green tea. In fact, they are mainly based on different tea processing processes, supplemented by the six major tea categories of tea trees and origin.And different processing processes will appear full -fermented tea, the most typical is black tea; without fermented tea, such as green tea; semi -fermented tea representatives are oolong tea, so it seems that the biggest difference between black tea, green tea, and oolong tea is the degree of fermentation.different.

So do you understand anything?The so -called black tea green tea oolong tea is related to the different craftsmanship of tea, and it is not directly related to the nutrition of the tea itself. The nutritional value between each tea is really not much different.For pregnant mothers, what tea is really not important, just be happy. The only thing to pay attention to is to control the amount. After all, there are still many people who can’t sleep with a cup of tea!

Okay, when you hear this pregnant mother, you can drink tea with peace of mind, but there are still some misunderstandings when drinking tea. By the way, give your mother a good science to drink tea ~

Can’t drink overnight tea, cause cancer?

The grievances of overnight tea

If you really think so, congratulations on you, but this conclusion is wrong.You may have considered the increase in nitrite in overnight tea, but even if the content of nitrite is far lower than the safety limit, overnight tea is not carcinogenic.However, it will inevitably be polluting dust and bacteria after just putting it all overnight. Therefore, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers drink overnight tea, just from the perspective of hygiene and safety.

Tea should drink while hot, more fragrant?

Some people like to make tea with boiling water.I feel happy when I can’t swallow it?However, science is really a bit cruel, that is, not letting you drink tea happily. The more suitable water temperature for brewing tea is 80 ° C ~ 85 ° C.The tea soup becomes yellow, and the aromatherapy will be lost. The tea is not delicious. At least it will be cold after boiling the water, and then brew the tea.

Note that it is not hot while it is hot. It is recommended that the water temperature is less than 65 ° C before drinking.Excessive tea is easy to burn gastric mucosa and oral cavity, causing esophageal cancer. If you want to get less sick, you should pay attention to details.

Well, today I talked to you the problem of drinking tea for pregnant mothers. I just want to say that for pregnant mothers, you can drink tea, but not to pay attention to the tea, and drink a cup of tea a day.Unconsciously, I entered the health mode, live a healthy life, and drink tea healthily ~

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