Can you also do things during menstruation?Can’t you get pregnant?Don’t be stupid, your uterus may have been injured

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When we talk about women’s health, a topic of menstruation always attracts people’s attention: Can sexual behavior be performed during menstruation?Can’t you get pregnant?How much does these behaviors affect the uterus?

Today, we will discuss this issue in depth and take you to understand some sexual health knowledge that is easy to be ignored.

The story takes place in an ordinary family, and Lili and her husband Xiaoming have been married for two years.Recently, they are considering fertility plans, but they are still a little confused about some details in sexual life.

One day, Lili was during the menstrual period. She and Xiaoming argued: Can sexual behavior be performed during menstruation?Xiaoming believes that this is normal, but Lili is worried that this will cause harm to her uterus.Faced with this issue, they decided to seek professional medical advice.

In real life, many husbands and wives are facing such problems.In a questionnaire survey of 1,000 women, about 42.3%of women said they had sex during the period.

Among these women, 32.6%of people said that they would feel uncomfortable when menstrual behavior, while 67.4%of women believed that this behavior did not affect them much.

In addition, about the concept of "不 怀“ “", 47.8%of the respondents believe that there is still a certain risk of pregnancy, and 52.2%of people think that this method will not lead to pregnancy.

Among all interviewees, 11.5%of women said that they had infected gynecological diseases because of sexual behavior during the menstrual period, and 2.3%of women said that they had accidentally pregnant during the period due to the "蹭 蹭" behavior.

The results of this survey revealed that many women have a certain misunderstanding of the perception of sexual behavior and their related risks during menstruation, further emphasizing the importance of sexual health education.

1. Risk of infection: During the period, women’s reproductive tract defense capabilities are relatively weak and are prone to bacteria.In addition, due to the opening of the cervix, bacteria are more likely to invade the uterus, resulting in gynecological diseases such as cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.Therefore, sexual behavior during menstruation may increase the risk of infection.

2. The possibility of pregnancy: Although the chance of pregnancy during menstrual period is relatively low, in some special cases, such as irregular menstruation and advance ovulation, etc., there is still the possibility of pregnancy.Especially the behavior of "” 行 ", although not real sexual acts, but the sperm has a long survival time in the vulva, and there is still a certain risk of pregnancy.

3. Physiological discomfort: Some women feel pain and discomfort during the menstruation.In this case, sexual behavior may aggravate pain and affect women’s physiological and mental health.

4. Psychological pressure: Some women will cause a certain psychological pressure during the menstrual period, and worrying that sexual behavior will cause harm to the uterus.This psychological pressure may affect the quality of sexual life of both husbands and wives.

Judging from the above analysis, there are indeed risks during sexual behavior during menstruation.Therefore, the couple should fully understand the characteristics of the female physiological cycle, respect the physiological characteristics and needs of women, and avoid sexual behavior during the period.At the same time, strengthen sexual education, improve sexual health awareness, and help maintain the physical and mental health of both parties.

1. Inappropriate sanitary products: The use of poor quality sanitary napkins, cotton strips, etc. may cause problems such as allergies, itching, infection, and cause damage to the uterus.Therefore, women should choose sanitary products that meet their physiological needs and comfort, and replace them regularly to keep them clean and dry.

2. Poor living habits: Keeping sitting or passing through tight pants for a long time may affect blood circulation, leading to local ischemia and hypoxia in the uterus, and it is not good for the health of the uterus for a long time.Therefore, women should develop good living habits, active activities, and keep blood circulation unblocked.

3. Excessive cleaning: Excessive cleaning may destroy the normal vaginal flora balance, leading to inflammation.Moderate cleaning, keeping the private parts clean and dry, helping prevent the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

4. Ignoring gynecological examination: Regular gynecological examinations can help discover and treat gynecological diseases in time to reduce damage to the uterus.Women should regularly go to the hospital for gynecological examination to pay attention to their physical condition.

In this story, we not only understand the risks of sexual behavior during menstruation, but also learn some knowledge about women’s uterine health.As a modern woman, understanding your own physiological characteristics and needs, and maintaining good living habits and psychological state is the key to maintaining the health of the uterine.

What we need to emphasize is that sexual health issues are not only about individuals, but also related to the harmony of family and society.We should pay attention to women’s health, improve sexual health, and care for the physical and mental health of ourselves and family.

Only in this way can we have a healthier and better future.

What do you think about menstruation?Welcome to discuss the comment area together!

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