Can XBB strains cause severe diarrhea?Should I hoard the stone scattered?

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Xue Renzheng Correspondent Jianwen Yang Daxian

Recently, a drug commonly used by the digestive department, Meng Shi San rushed to the hot search because it is rumored that the XBB strain that "kills the Quartet" abroad is about to enter.EssenceThe reporter observed that Diaolite, Norfloxacin and other drugs for anti -diarrhea were not as promoted yesterday. Today, "a certain treasure" is out of stock.

Can XBB strains cause severe diarrhea?Should I hoard the stone scattered?The reporter interviewed Chen Yonghe Chen Yonghe, deputy chief physician of the Sixth Hospital affiliated to Sun Yat -sen University, and the chief physician of the chief physician of the gastric surgery director, to understand the reason.

XBB1.5 strains are more dangerous and insufficient evidence

"There are two B in XBB, which means the reorganization strains of BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75. It can be understood that these two virus strains infected someone at the same time, and then completed the reorganization in this person’s body. Therefore,It essentially belongs to the strain of the Omikon series. "Chen Yonghe said that as of December 31, 2022, in the popular strain in the United States, XBB1.5 just appeared in late November, and yesterday had accounted for 40.5 yesterday 40.5%, Almost half of the mountains and mountains.

Chen Yonghe believes that there are not many evidences at present. XBB 1.5 is more dangerous than the past strains, and there is no evidence that XBB 1.5 will cause serious symptoms of gastrointestinal crowns such as gastrointestinal tract.Don’t worry too much.

However, due to the height of the new coronal virus, there may be secondary infections between different strains, and the probability of infection depends on the similarity of different strains.

Chen Yonghe laughed: "Infected with BQ1 strains, it is like being stunned with a left hook, so you have a long memory (antibody), and next time you encounter a right handcut (BQ1.1, etc.), You may be able to prevent it, but when you encounter a sudden shovel (XBB 1.5), you may have to be recruited again. "

The recommendation of online medicine is not completely scientific

It is understood that Mengli Stone San is a powder -like drug. After orally, it can cover the mucosa of the digestive tract, which has a fixed and suppressing effect on the virus, germs and toxins it produced in the digestive tract.

Lian Lei said that for the virus and diarrhea caused by the virus, Mongolian stone scattered is indeed a good choice, and children and pregnant women can use them safely.However, it must be noted that if only the number of stools becomes more, it is not necessary to use it, and it may cause constipation.If diarrhea is too serious and symptoms such as weakness and collapse of the whole body may already have electrolyte disorders. It is simply taking mask and stone scattered, and the effect is not ideal. You must seek medical treatment in time.

According to Lian Lei, norfloxacin is a commonly used medicine for antibacterial drugs for bacterial infections, especially for gastritis dysentery.There is no direct killing effect on the virus.

As for electrolyte drinks, Lian Lei explained that when people are diarrhea, the body will lose a lot of electrolytes, such as potassium ions, sodium ions, and so on.Oral electrolytic drinks are indeed conducive to supplementing lost electrolytes and slowing their condition.

"However, not all electrolyte drinks can be used to treat diarrhea." Lian Lei said that in order to improve the taste, some merchants will add excess glucose and additives to the electrolyte drink, which will cause the liquid penetration to be too high and diarrhea.Drinking high seepage drinks will even increase the exudation of intestinal mucosa, and then aggravate the condition.

"Therefore, do not be too afraid of XBB strains, do not have to be too nervous to hoard the medicine. If the above symptoms occur, seek medical treatment in time, scientific and reasonable medication is the right way." Lian Lei emphasized.

Author: Xue Renzheng

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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