Can women live a husband and wife during breastfeeding?Does it affect milk secretion?The answer is here

[Fan Come on] Zhang Peng is a considerate husband. His marriage with his wife Xiaoru is full of love and respect.Not long after they got married, Xiao Ru was pregnant.Due to its extremely concerned about unborn babies, Zhang Peng always insisted on not touching her throughout Xiaoru’s entire pregnancy. He was afraid that any behavior would affect the child.

Finally, their babies were born, and a lovely little life brought them endless joy.However, with the arrival of breastfeeding, Zhang Peng’s desire to be affectionate with Xiaoru became stronger and stronger.But when he made this request, Xiao Ru was rejected.

Xiaoru believes that the life of breastfeeding will affect the secretion of milk during breastfeeding, and what she is most concerned about is to provide sufficient breast milk to the baby.In this regard, Zhang Peng seemed helpless, he didn’t understand whether it was true.

[Doctor answered] Breastfeeding is a special stage. For new mothers, many problems about husband and wife life may bother them.One of the common questions is whether women can continue their husband and wife life during breastfeeding, and whether the life of husband and wife will affect milk secretion.In this article, we will explore these issues and provide relevant information and suggestions.

1. Physiological changes during breastfeeding

Before understanding whether the husband and wife can live, we first need to understand the physiological changes during breastfeeding.Breastfeeding refers to a period when women have breastfeeding baby through breasts.At this stage, accompanied by a series of physiological changes, including breast enlargement, breast channel expansion, and increased nipple sensitivity.

1. Breast increase: breastfeeding breasts increased due to increased breast tissue and fat.This is to prepare the production and storage of milk.Greater enhancement may lead to changes in the shape and size of the breast, which affects the feeling of sexual activity.

2. Dispension of breast channel: The breast channel of breastfeeding breasts will expand, so that the milk can flow out smoothly.This expansion may lead to increased breast sensitivity, and it feels different from the stimulation of the breast during sexual activity.

3. Increased nipple sensitivity: The sensitivity of breastfeeding nipples will increase.This is because the nipple plays an important role in the process of breastfeeding and responds to the baby sucking.Due to the increase in nipple sensitivity, for some women, it may be more sensitive to breast stimulation during sexual activity.

Second, the relationship between husband and wife life and lactation

Physiological level:

Husbands and wives can do it during breastfeeding, but they need to pay attention to some issues.First of all, women’s bodies may still be in the rehabilitation stage, so you need to carefully choose the time and method of life of husband and wife.Postpartum body needs proper rest and recovery. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for the doctor to confirm that the body is already recovered and then starts the husband and wife.In addition, the life of the postpartum dew is also needed to avoid the life of husband and wife, so as not to cause infection.

Milk secretion:

Husbands’ lives have a certain impact on milk secretion.Sexual stimulation can cause hyperemia in breast tissue, which may increase the speed and quantity of milk secretion.However, this effect is temporary, and it is usually gradually returned to normal after the end of sexual stimulation.Therefore, women may feel breast tenderness or milk before and after husband and wife, but this does not mean that milk secretion will continue to increase or breasts will become dry.

It should be noted that if the milk secretion is too much or the breast tenderness is severe, it may affect the comfort of sexual activity.In this case, you can try to extract some milk before breastfeeding or use the breast pump to reduce breast pain.

Third, keep comfort and safe

Communication and understanding:

During breastfeeding, communication and understanding are very important.Exchange the expectations, needs, and concerns about the life of husband and wife’s life frankly can help the two sides better adapt to the new state of life.Respect each other’s feelings and wishes, and find a suitable way for husband and wife.

A comfortable posture:

Choosing a suitable life posture of husband and wife can alleviate discomfort to breasts.For example, to avoid compressing the posture of the breast, you can choose the posture of women in the top to reduce the pressure of the breast.Using additional support, such as pillows or pillows, can provide additional support and comfort.


During breastfeeding, the risk of infection may increase due to the increase in breast secretion and nipple sensitivity.Therefore, it is very important to use safe contraception methods and appropriate protection measures.Consult your doctor or obstetric nurse, understand the contraceptive methods during breastfeeding, and ensure that you choose the appropriate method.

Women can live during breastfeeding, but they need to be adjusted and paid attention to according to their personal circumstances.The life of husband and wife has a certain temporary impact on milk secretion, but it will not continue to increase the amount of milk secretion or cause the breast to become dry.Maintaining comfort and security is the key, including communication, selection of suitable pose, and preventive measures.If you have any concerns or questions, you should consult a doctor or obstetric nurse for professional advice and support.

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