Can women live a husband and wife after menopause?Don’t be embarrassed, the doctor tells you how much the benefits are

Ms. Gu is 48 years old. She is a housewife with a gentle personality.The relationship with her husband’s husband and wife is also loving and harmonious. The husband and wife also have a pair of children. Now they have graduated from college and have a decent work.But Ms. Gu recently has a "difficult to open" trouble. This trouble even makes her feel that it has affected her husband and wife relationship with her husband. Is it possible to have sex after menopause?

Ms. Gu has a lot of concerns about the sexual life after menopause. She feels that she still needs her needs after menopause, and she is worried that sexual life will increase the chance of gynecological diseases during this period.But I didn’t want to affect her relationship with her husband, so Ms. Gu came to the hospital for consultation.

In fact, the life of women is destined to go through many periods. Except for their childhood and childhood, they will usher in the flowers of the flowers; then they are mature intellectual childbearing age; the next is the menopause period.

During different periods, the physiological changes that women will happen in a certain period of time. These changes may also bring different problems. For example, the first menstruation is confused, and many after menopause women will beMs. Gu’s confusion: Can you still have sex after menopause?What should I pay attention to?In response to these confusion, the doctors will answer them one by one.

Menpoopical is a stage where every woman will experience and is an important turning point in women’s life.Compared with the gorgeous publicity of adolescence during this period, it is more about 彷 and helplessness, worrying about the uncomfortable discomforts that the old manner degenerates.Some women will also resist sex during this period, and believe that after menopause, they can no longer have sexual life.Is it really?Let’s first understand what menopause is.

Women from the early menstrual tide of adolescence to the age of childbearing age, and finally to menstruation, these stages are under the influence of endocrine.This process is mainly a process of the establishment of ovarian function, maturity and then decline.When menstruation is completely stopped for more than twelve months, no menstruation will occur, it is called menstruation.

With the increase of age and the degradation of ovarian function, the follicles in the ovaries are exhausted and can not develop and secrete estrogen again, and no longer stimulate the growth of the endometrium, which will cause menstruation to completely stop.

Although menopause is a normal life phenomenon, the loss of female and progesterone that appears after menopause does bring great changes to women’s bodies, and the risk of some diseases will be relatively increased, such as osteoporosis, urinary urology, urinary urologySystem infection, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc.

Therefore, menopause can be said to be a watershed during the age of childbearing and older, and can also be called a watershed of health and functional decline.This is why many women are afraid of menopause. After menopause, they will increase their chances of infection because they are afraid of husband and wife exchanges, which will reject sexual behavior.

As everyone knows, after menopause, sexual life can be performed.Although the decrease in estrogen after menopause will bring many changes to women’s bodies, these changes will not affect their needs for sex, and sexual life is not only carried out by estrogen, but also a psychological emotion.Standard.

A healthy sex life will not only cause adverse effects on women’s bodies, but also allow both husband and wife to increase their feelings and maintain their feelings, and indirectly alleviate the anxiety caused by the wizen.Let’s briefly talk about what benefits will be brought by sexual life after menopause?

Sexual life is also part of our lives and is a lubricant between husband and wife.After menopause, women also have the right to enjoy sex. While meeting the needs, it will also bring certain benefits to our lives.

1. Enhance sleep quality

With the decline of estrogen, not only physical changes have brought the body, they can also affect the psychological and mental state of female friends.Estrogen has a regulatory effect on mental emotions. After women menopause, estrogen decreases, and many women will have poor psychological symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia.

At this time, if you properly carry out a healthy sex life, you can effectively relieve symptoms such as insomnia.Because during sexual life, both sides are in a state of excitement, and they will begin to relax after the end of sex. The relaxation after tiredness can make people fall asleep faster.

2. Regulate endocrine

Female friends will have insufficient secretion of female and progesterone due to the decline of the ovarian after menopause, which will cause discomfort such as fever, night sweats, anxiety, and insomnia.

And a moderate amount of sexual life can achieve the effect of promoting estrogen secretion and balanced hormone levels, and then can delay the speed of vaginal, ovarian, and uterine atrophy to a certain extent.

3. Enhance the relationship between husband and wife

Sexual life is a lubricant between husband and wife. Good sexual life can improve the relationship between husband and wife.The harmonious husband and wife relationship is very important for a family. It can not only make people feel happy, but also effectively avoid women’s anxiety due to menopause.

From this point of view, sexual life after menopause not only is not bad, but also brings dual benefits to our body and life.Many female friends will still feel ashamed to open their teeth about their needs after menopause. In fact, desire is a normal response that everyone will exist. Even after menopause women’s demand for sex, they still exist.Therefore, everyone must learn to face up to their own needs.

However, women’s bodies will also change due to menopause. Therefore, there will still be things worth noting during sexual life. What do you need to pay attention to?

Although menopausal women can still have sex, but because women have decreased with various hormones after menopause, they have also changed many changes in their bodies. Therefore, they must pay attention to the following points during sexual life.

First of all, the part must be lubricated and then sexual life.

Menpoxia will reduce the level of hormone in women’s body, which leads to changes in the body, such as atrophy, reducing leucorrhea, dryness and short narrowing of the genital tract, and so on.The changes in this series will lead to the changes in local lubrication reactions and secretions during sexual excitement during sexual excitement.

If it is only a mechanical sexual life at this time, it is likely that pain will occur and bleeding afterwards, and even if it will affect the urinary tract, causing burning sensation in urination discomfort.

Therefore, we must make full lubrication before sex.You can choose to increase the foreplay. Hugs, kiss, and touch the husband and wife; or use lubricant to increase moisture properly; if necessary, you can replenish estrogen in an appropriate amount., It can also relieve psychological symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia due to reduced estrogen.

Second, contraceptive measures should be taken.

Although the function of the ovaries after women’s menopause will gradually decline, and the ovulation will gradually stop. When the menstruation completely disappears, the ovarian function will basically not have the possibility of pregnancy.

However, due to the different personal constitution, some women will have the case where follicles have not been eliminated, but because the menopause time is long, they think that they are completely menopausal, so there is still the possibility of accidental pregnancy.At this time, if you do not accidentally get pregnant because of the failure of contraceptive measures, whether it is pregnancy or abortion, it is very dangerous for women.

Therefore, in the two years after menopause, contraceptive measures need to be taken.There are many ways to contraception, such as in -house sterilization, condoms, contraceptives, and so on.The in -palace sterilizer is a more common method of contraception for women surrounding menstrual periods. Although it is safe and effective, it is necessary to pay attention to wearing time.A sterilizer in the palace may generate higher costs, but it can be effective contraception without any side effects.

As for contraceptives, doctors do not recommend everyone to use, because the drug is mainly configured with female and progesterone. Hormone in the drug can have hypertrophic function and side effects of blood.Women in menopause are high -risk groups of thrombosis and breast cancer, and long -term taking contraceptives will increase the chance of illness, so it is not recommended.

In addition, clean up before and after sex.

You can use water to wipe the local area, change the underwear, etc.However, in the absence of a doctor’s advice, it is not necessary to rinse. This practice is overly cleaning, which can easily destroy the local flora balance, causing bacteria to breed infection inflammation.

Menstructed menopause does not mean "sex", but we must also carefully and clear the relevant precautions, and carry out sexual life safely and properly.Menpoopical is a period of inevitable experience in women’s lives. I believe that female friends are more concerned and will ask questions. What is menopausal?What are the symptoms of menopause?

Is menstruation suddenly arrived?Of course not, the body’s menopause is a gradual evolution process. The psychological and physical changes that appear during this period are all signals given us when menopause comes.

In the body, the first thing women appeared before menopause were irregular menstruation.

Normal menstrual cycles begin to occur frequently. Frequent disorders are beginning to show that the menstrual flow is less, the menstrual time is unstable, and there are still bleeding after menstruation.At this time, because the level of hormone in the body has begun to change, osteoporosis may occur, and the symptoms often feel bone pain.

Women in this period often feel fever and night sweats, mainly fever and sweat with heads, chests, heart mouth and other parts.In addition to these, the skin condition of female friends will also change significantly, losing its original luster, which can be manifested as dull, fine -grained, etc.

In addition to physical symptoms, it will also usher in psychological discomfort.Estrogen has a regulating effect on emotions, so when estrogen starts to decrease, it will cause people to have emotional changes such as anxiety, insomnia, sensitivity.If the mood changes too much, it will make the body feel fatigue, and then it will be easy to make a lot of money all day and lack of interest.

From this point of view, the upcoming menopause will have a more or less impact on the physical and psychology of female friends, and the reason why these symptoms occur before menopause are due to the decrease in estrogen and progesterone caused by ovarian functional decline.

When these symptoms have these symptoms, do not panic. Menopuopulosis is a must -have stage for women. You should face it frankly. If necessary, you can go to the hospital to consult a doctor.

Menpoopical does not mean that the right to lose sexual life. Today, it is not necessary to feel shameful because of their normal needs.Menpoopical is a stage that every woman must experience. During this period, you should adjust your mood and maintain an optimistic mood and normal and healthy sex life in order to spend this special period safely!


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