Can wolfberry not only increase the essence, but also reduce blood sugar?Eat or soak in water?What about it?

"Lao Zhao, what are you soaked in this cup"?Uncle King came to the neighbor’s Lao Zhao’s house and saw that there were some things red and slender in shape that resembled raisins in the water cup, which made him feel very curious.

"This is the old wolfberry I took by my son. My high blood sugar is an old problem. My son and I said that this stuff can give birth to essence and lower blood sugar!"Uncle Zhao said proudly.

And he also said that he used this wolfberry to soak water every day, and he drank every day.Uncle Wang was very surprised. The little wolfberry was so wonderful. He decided to go back and try it.

Many people on the Internet tease the wolfberry in the water cups of middle -aged men, and the popularity of wolfberry is evident.For wolfberry, some people think that this is a big tonic, and some think it is just a gimmick that merchants make goods selling goods.

So, what is the fact?What is the effect of wolfberry and how to drink it healthier?This article will introduce the magical drugs of wolfberry to you.

Wolfberry is a collective name for the genus Eglus and wolfberry, also known as Ningxia wolfberry, Ningxia riber, and Chinese medicine wolfberry.Wolfberry is the fruit of wolfberry, which is long or oval, mostly red or orange -red, and sometimes yellow or light red.

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, wolfberry has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, eyesight, blood nourishing, strong muscles, and strong bones, and is widely used in the clinical treatment of Chinese medicine.

Modern medicine found that wolfberry contains a variety of nutrients, not only the two major nutrients: polysaccharides and flavonoids.In addition, wolfberry is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, B2, calcium, iron, zinc and so on. We understand nutrients.

The nutritional value of wolfberry is very high, and it is all treasures.Recently, some people have heard that wolfberry can not only produce essence, but also reduce blood sugar. Is this really the case?

First of all, the sperm effect of wolfberry is currently exploring.In 2015, the Yale University School of Medicine in the United States carried out a research on the impact of wolfberry extract on men’s fertility.The results show that oral wolfberry extract can improve the quality of male semen.

The study recruited a total of 75 men between the ages of 20-40 and was randomly divided into two groups.One group of oral wolfberry extracts, and the other group of placebo.The study lasted for 12 weeks, and semen was tested multiple times during the period.

The results of the study show that indicators such as sperm density, vitality and form of the male group who accepts wolfberry extract have improved, and the placebo group has not changed significantly.In addition, the men’s group that accepts wolfberry extract also has higher testosterone levels and lower sperm DNA fragment index.

However, this research sample is too small, the research time is short, and the research results are not applied.Other scientific research institutions have also done relevant experiments, but they are usually experimented with animal experiments.

Therefore, the sperm effect of the academic community on wolfberry is still in a state of exploration.More research is needed to verify the results of this study and apply it to daily life.

But wolfberry can be clearly confirmed by blood sugar.

Wolfberry can reduce blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity.Wolfberry polysaccharides can increase the expression of GLUT4 (glucose operation 4) under the stimulation of glucose stimulation, enhance GLUT4’s transportation capacity, and improve the ability of cells to absorb glucose and utilization.

GLUT4 is a membrane protein that mediates glucose into the cells. Under the adjustment of insulin, it will be transferred from cytoplasm to the surface of the cell membrane to promote the transfer of glucose.

Therefore, improving the expression and transportation capacity of GLUT4 can promote the use of glucose, thereby reducing blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, wolfberry can inhibit α-amylase activity to reduce blood sugar.Some ingredients in wolfberry polysaccharides can be combined with α-amylase to form enzyme-polysaccharides complexes, thereby inhibiting the activity of α-amylase.After binding these polysaccharides with α-starch enzymes, they can hinder the degradation of starch, slow down starch digestion, and slow down the speed of starch into the glucose, thereby reducing blood sugar levels.

However, it should also be noted that although wolfberry has the effect of inhibiting blood sugar, it cannot completely replace the drug.

Wolfberry has a high nutritional value. Although the effect of sperm is still exploring, it is also very useful to clarify blood sugar.We all like to drink wolfberry, but there are some points to pay attention to drinking like this.

Although drinking wolfberry soaking in water has become a daily habit of many people, you may not pay attention to these three points, which may cause many problems.

1. Pay attention to drinking wolfberry soaking water

The appropriate amount of wolfberry soaking water is good for the human body, but excessive drinking may lead to adverse reactions.

This is because wolfberry contains certain alkaloids and polysaccharides. These substances need to be metabolized and cleared by the liver in the human body.When drinking excessive wolfberry soaking in water, the liver needs a lot of energy to consume energy for metabolism, produce a large amount of metabolic products and metabolic waste, and increase the burden on the liver, which will cause liver function abnormalities.When there are too many intake of alkaloids and polysaccharides, this will even cause hepatitis, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer.

In addition, because the alkaloids and polysaccharides in wolfberry can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and accelerate gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. When the amount of wolfberry with excessive drinking wolfberry is soaked in water, this stimulus may exceed the tolerance of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in diarrhea and digestion and digestion.bad.

Therefore, drinking wolfberry every day must not soak water.Normal people should not drink more than 200 grams of wolfberry every day.

2. Pay attention to the time of soaking in water

The time for soaking wolfberry for soaking wolfberry will cause the loss or damage of nutritional components, which will affect the nutritional value and medicinal effect of wolfberry soaking water.

The soaking will cause the water temperature to rise for a long time, thereby accelerating the oxidation and decomposition of nutrients in wolfberry. Some nutrients will be destroyed, such as vitamin C and other ingredients that are easily oxidized.

In addition, long -term bubbles may cause nutritional components to be lost outside the water, especially those water -soluble ingredients, such as vitamin B clan.

Therefore, in order to make full use of the nutritional value of wolfberry, it is recommended to pay attention to the soaking time when making wolfberry soaking in water. It should not be too long, and then quickly drink.Generally speaking, soak in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, and more than 5 minutes can easily lead to loss of nutrients.

3. Pay attention to the quality of wolfberry

For people who often drink wolfberry soaking in water, the quality of wolfberry must be good to ensure their nutritional value.

High -quality wolfberry is red or orange -red with bright colors.If the color is dark or yellowish, it may be wolfberry with poor quality.The appearance of wolfberry should be smooth, thick, large, and complete.If the appearance is not neat and there are many impurities, the quality may not be good.

At the same time, high -quality wolfberry should have a touch of sweetness and bitterness.If you have a heavy bitter taste or no taste, it may be wolfberry with poor quality.

Therefore, before soaking wolfberry, be sure to check the wolfberry to determine whether its quality is good.

These three points should pay attention to those who often drink wolfberry soaking in water.We know that wolfberry can also eat raw, so which one is better to soak water and raw?The doctor will answer it below.

In fact, whether it is dried wolfberry or soaking in water, it has its own advantages.

Drying wolfberry can better retain the nutrients in wolfberry.In a humid environment, water molecules can penetrate the inside of wolfberry, which has an effect with the molecules in it, causing the chemical reactions in wolfberry to accelerate.Nutritional ingredients such as vitamins and minerals are easily oxidized and decomposed, and these phenomena can cause the loss of nutrients.

The drying process can reduce the water of wolfberry and prevent the nutritional components of wolfberry from being damaged in a humid environment, thereby better retaining various nutrients in wolfberry.

Wolfberry soaking water can make people easier to absorb nutrients in wolfberry.When wolfberry is soaked in water, the heat in the water can promote the release of nutrients in wolfberry.For example, wolfberry contains a variety of minerals and amino acids. These ingredients are water -soluble, which will gradually dissolve in the water and enter the water to be better absorbed by the human body.

In addition, the polysaccharides contained in wolfberry are large and it is difficult to be absorbed directly.However, in the process of soaking in water, water molecules can form hydrogen bonds with polysaccharides, thereby decomposing polysaccharides and release of nutrients.This makes it easier for the body to be absorbed by the human body.

Therefore, dry wolfberry and soaking water have their own advantages.Dry wolfberry can retain the nutrients in it. Wolfberry soaking water can make nutrients better absorb by the human body.We need to choose the method of wolfberry according to our own conditions and environment.

Also, the doctor wants to remind everyone here.Take anti -blood condensate drugs, such as aspirin and Huafarin, do not take wolfberry.

Blood coagulation drugs such as Huafalin and aspirin are mainly to prevent thrombosis and cardiovascular disease by inhibiting platelet aggregation and reducing coagulation factors synthesis or activation.

Wolfberry contains some biological active ingredients, which will interact with antibody drugs, leading to side effects.The flavonoids in wolfberry can increase the risk of platelet aggregation and thrombosis.Anxin A2 is a powerful platelet aggregation that can promote the aggregation of platelets and the formation of thrombosis.Flavonoid components can inhibit the degradation of cyclopen A2 in the platelet, thereby increasing its level.

Therefore, when using wolfberry and antibody coagulation drugs at the same time, it will weaken the role of anticoagulant, increase the risk of bleeding, and promote the formation of thrombosis.Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are more severe, and even cerebral hemorrhage causes sudden death of patients.

Therefore, while taking anti -blood germ drugs, be sure to take wolfberry.

I believe that after reading this article, you must have a deeper understanding of the magic of wolfberry. At the same time, you need to pay attention to taking wolfberry, and everyone should pay attention.If you want to have a healthy body, hurry up a glass of wolfberry soaking in water!


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