Can we make up during pregnancy and lactation?Listen to what the experts say

For women who like beauty, it is a very serious problem to prevent makeup.Some women go downstairs to throw garbage and need a beautiful makeup.Exquisite makeup will not only make yourself more confident, but also make your mood very happy, but can pregnant mothers still make up after pregnancy?What are the problems if you want to make up?

"Safe" makeup

In fact, you can make up during pregnancy and lactation.However, makeup requires certain preventive measures. After all, pregnant mothers are a special group. The cosmetics used are different from ordinary cosmetics.Pregnant women and lactating mothers must make light makeup if they need to make makeup; in addition, they need to use a special cosmetics for pregnant women.Most of the cosmetics on the market contain a certain amount of chemicals. With the accumulation of time, such chemicals will be transferred to the baby through the mother’s body.

Choose "suitable" your own cosmetics.

1. Pregnant women can wash their faces with neutral soap, warm or cold water.

2. If pregnant women need to go out, apply some toner on their faces before going out.

3. You can use special moisturizing lotion during pregnancy to skin care.

4. When pregnant women use foundation, they are suitable for light emulsion type instead of water solution.

5. Be sure to clean your face before going to bed every day.

6. When choosing sunscreen products, you should choose pure physical sunscreen products. These products are more suitable for pregnant women.

How to reduce the impact of cosmetics on the baby?

1. Do not contact your baby after lactating makeup, prohibit kissing your baby or let your baby kiss you.

2. Remove the makeup as soon as possible when you come back.

3. Do not tattoo, including eyeliner, eyebrows, and not embroidered lips. You cannot pull your eyebrows. If you want to repair your eyebrows, you can choose an eyebrow knife.

4. The latest cosmetics must be used to pay attention to the date of production.

5. Pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers should not use perfume.Because pregnant women are sensitive to the taste after pregnancy, the smell of perfume enters the body through the nasal cavity, which will not only affect the fetus, but also have a certain impact on herself. For example, pregnant mothers may have symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting.

6. Try not to apply lipstick or lipstick.If necessary, you must wipe it off while drinking water and eating.

7. When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to cosmetics ingredients, avoid choosing cosmetics containing hormones and heavy metals, and choose cosmetics containing natural raw materials.

You can make up during pregnancy and lactation.During pregnancy, more skin care products are used for skin care. It is not recommended to use makeup; cosmetics that can be used for makeup can be used during breastfeeding.

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