Can vaginitis lead to infertility?Must do this well!

Vaginitis, as one of the most incidence of gynecological inflammation, torture many women enough.

The recurrence of this gynecological inflammation not only affects physical health, but also has a lot of negative impacts on the quality of life and mental health.

But in fact, as long as you have a correct understanding of vaginitis, it is not difficult to fight it.

Vaginitis may lead to infertility

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Let’s talk about the harm of vaginitis.

In addition to the itching of the vulva, vaginitis may also cause female infertility.

When you get vaginitis, the vaginal flora will be disordered and loses its self -defense ability. Bacteria or certain microorganisms will enter the pelvic cavity along the vagina, which may cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pelvic inflammatory disease generally refers to the inflammatory infection of women’s genital tract infections, including inflammatory infection of uterus, fallopian tube and ovarian.

When severe inflammation occurs, it will affect ovarian ovulation, the peristalsis of fallopian tubes, and eggplanting, so that long -term can cause pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy.

These 5 points lead to infection vaginitis

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Usually, these 5 points are the main factor that causes women to infect vaginitis:

1. Sexual life

If you do n’t pay attention to hygiene in sexual life, do n’t do hygienic cleaning work before and after sexual intercourse, and multiple personalized partners can easily induce vaginitis.

Because many bacteria and microorganisms are spread through sexual life, not paying attention to hygiene or multiple personalized partners can increase the risk of infectious diseases.

2. Daily care

If the sanitary napkin and sanitary napkins used during menstruation are not replaced in time, the bacteria that induce vaginitis will provide a good breeding space.

It is also often wearing tight pants and chemical fiber panties, and it is easy to cause the private parts of women’s private parts to induce vaginitis.

3. Cleaning

If the vaginal medication or vaginal rinsee is not appropriate, it will break the original flora balance of the vagina, causing vaginitis.

4. Physical resistance aspect

Some women’s physical resistance is poor or the decreased estrogen level after menopause is also easily troubled by vaginitis.

5. Environmental aspect

For example, the weather is stuffy and humid, and the vulva is often in a humid and impermented environment. It is often not cleaned or dry to swim, which causes the vaginal prevention mechanism to be damaged, which can easily lead to vaginal inflammation.

In life, paying more attention to these 5 aspects can effectively reduce the chance of infection with vaginitis.

To deal with vaginitis, you have to do this

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That’s: Ask the doctor!

Many times, some women cannot correctly judge whether they are infected with vaginitis, and they will choose not to do it, and often miss the best time to ask the doctor.

Let me tell you, when you encounter any symptoms, you need to ask your doctor.

You can judge from the following 3 aspects:

1. The secretions are abnormal in color, with yellow -green, purulent, dark yellow; the secretions are tofu -like, white pieces or pus -like, foam -likeOr fishy smell.

2. Disability

It is mainly vulvar or vaginal itching, pain, and even symptoms of redness or frequent urination and urine urinary pain.

3. Other

If the vulva has long degeneration, there are pain or bleeding, peeling, rough skin, white skin, pain in the same room, and pain in the lower abdomen, beware of vaginitis.

When the above three symptoms occur, you must ask the doctor in time.

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