Can uterine endometrial affect pregnancy?

In the process of doing IVF, reproductive doctors will also pay attention to the thickness of the endometrium, because endometrium is indeed important for women.

Many people say that thinning the endometrium can cause infertility.In fact, to what level of uterine endometrium, women must not be pregnant, and there is no conclusion in clinical medicine.

If you are worried about the occurrence of infertility, you must care for the physiological function of the uterus as soon as possible, not just focusing on the thickness of the endometrium.So, what causes the endometrium?

① Endocrine disorders: The endometrium changes as the sexual cycle.Long -term exposure to the influence of hypertrophic hormones may change the endometrial response to estrogen, and eventually leads to thin endometrium.Studies have confirmed that the early oral composite contraceptives in follicles will keep the endometrium at a very thin level, with an average of (4.1 ± 1.6) mm.

② Artificial abortion: Artificial abortion is the most important factor in the thin endometrium.Multiple drug flows, or excessive hydration, may cause thin uterine endometrium.

③ Uterine cavity adhesion: Any type of damage to the endometrium may cause endometrial damage, which will cause adhesion between the endometrium in the endometrium or between the front and rear walls.

④ uterine developmental deformity: uterine developmental deformity is also a cause of thin endometrium, such as uterine longitudinal diaphragm, twin -horn uterus, bow -shaped uterus, hornless uterus, vagina or uterine development.

⑤ Diseases such as uterine abnormal bleeding, endometrial tuberculosis, ovulation disorders, pituitary tumors, and thyroid dysfunction can affect estrogen secretion, resulting in thinning the endometrium.

Will the endometrium thin affect pregnancy?

The endometrium is a layer of membrane in the inner wall of the uterine, and it is also the area where the fertilized eggs are bed.If the endometrium is too thin, it will affect the fertilized egg bed, which will affect pregnancy, and it will also cause ectopic pregnancy.Normally, if the thickness of the endometrium during ovulation is less than 6 mm, pregnancy is more difficult.But the endometrium is not pregnant.Data show that the thickness of the endometrium of the thinnest pregnancy is 3.7 mm.Therefore, female friends should not worry too much about this.

So, how to condition the endometrium?

1. Age factor

The endometrium caused by age is thin due to the age of age, which causes a small menstrual flow, which leads to thin uterine endometrium, and can be used to supplement growth hormones for conditioning.

2. Hormone factors

The endometrium caused by hormone problems is mainly due to low female hormones. Female friends should supplement estrogen on the 10th day of menstruation.

3. Insufficient luteum function

If the luteal function is insufficient, it will also lead to thin endometrium, and this situation needs to be supplemented by hormones according to the specific situation.

4. Endometrial injury

The endometrium caused by endometrial injuries is thin. Usually, a laparoscopic treatment can be performed in the case of a regular hospital and surgical treatment.

The above methods need to be carried out according to the results of the relevant examinations and the doctor’s order. Women remember not to take the medicine at home.What is important in the endometrium is prevention, which should minimize damage to the endometrium and reduce unnecessary uterine cavity operations.

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