Can the woman get divorce during pregnancy?

Facing the colorful and complicated emotional world, in a high -speed material society, today’s divorce rate has always been high, and divorce people at various stages are common.Today, let’s talk about it, can the woman take the initiative to divorce during pregnancy?

The marriage law stipulates that the man shall not propose a divorce during pregnancy, one year after childbirth or within 6 months after pregnancy.Among them, the woman’s pregnancy refers to the period when the woman from the date of conception to the date of delivery; one year after childbirth refers to one year from the date of birth of the baby; the woman’s suspension of the woman 6 months after the pregnancy refers to the artificial manual from the woman’s manual artificial artificial artificial manner.6 months after abortion.Divorce in the above situation will increase the burden on women’s spirit and economic burden, which seriously affects women’s physical and mental health, fetal policy development and baby health.

At the same time, there were no new situations or new reasons for the case that was not allowed to divorce and mediate with a good divorce and a good divorce case.The 6 months here are calculated the next day after the decision that is not allowed to divorce, or starts from the next day after the mediation takes effect, or starts from the next day when the plaintiff’s revocation of the divorce lawsuit.This requires that divorce is an important situation that affects the identity relationship between the marriage parties.If the court has been judged that the divorce or mediation is not allowed to be divorced or well, it is actually given the parties to both parties to ease and reconcile. This time should not be too short or too long.Therefore, the plaintiff who originally sued the divorce within 6 months could no longer propose a divorce as the plaintiff.Of course, the defendant who did not agree with the divorce, if he sued the divorce as the plaintiff within 6 months, the court should accept it.Because the previous lawsuit was because the other party believed that the emotion was broken, the party did not think that the emotion was broken. If the party now also believes that the relationship is broken, there is actually a new situation and new causes.

As mentioned above, during the woman’s pregnancy, the man was not allowed to divorce, but if the woman proposed a divorce, or the people’s court believed that it was necessary to accept the divorce request of the man, they could also get a divorce.It can be seen through these regulations that when women have the above -mentioned special circumstances, the man must not propose it, and even if a divorce court is proposed, it will not be accepted.At the same time, there is an exceptional provision that the court believes that it is necessary to accept the request of the man’s divorce.The "need to accept the request of the man’s divorce" here is mainly due to the lack of the woman’s special fault or the incomparable obligation to support the baby, which lacks the law for the law for special protection. Therefore, the man can make a divorce request.There are generally the following situations in the actual trial: ① The man has sufficient evidence to prove that the female party has sex with extramarital men after marriage, childbirth, and suspension of pregnancy;For example, the woman threatens the man’s life or seriously infringes the other legitimate rights and interests of the man; ③ The woman has abuse or family violence to the man, and the man is unbearable;; ⑤ The woman has abandonment and abandonment of the baby; ⑥ The woman’s whereabouts are unknown during pregnancy, 1 year after childbirth, or suspending 6 months after pregnancy.

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