Can the uterine cavity adhesion be cured?

The uterine cavity adhesion is a situation that female uterine cavity is damaged due to inflammation or trauma.The uterine cavity adhesion will endanger the health of women and interfere with women’s normal conception. So can the uterine cavity adhesion be cured?

Many female friends do not pay attention to pre -pregnancy examinations and regular gynecological examinations.The symptoms that many people ignore may indicate that cervical adhesion is damaging your body:

1. Little abdominal pain

When the cervix adhesion is severe, women usually have symptoms of small abdominal pain and even affect normal life.When women have miscarriage, they usually have spasmal pain in the lower abdomen after a month, and some patients will be restless due to severe pain.

2. Abnormal pregnancy

If women suffer from cervical adhesion and pregnancy, the risk of abortion, premature birth, ectopic pregnancy and fetal stop is relatively high.Of course, patients with adhesion of the uterine cavity are still difficult to get pregnant. The uterine cavity adhesion often causes the fallopian tube obstruction, which hinders the formation and bed of the fertilized eggs.

3. Menstruation abnormalities

Women with fully adhesion of the uterine cavity will have amenorrhea, and women with partial adhesion or part of the endometrium showing menstruation and normal menstrual cycles show a menstrual cycle.

The relationship between uterine cavity adhesion and infertility

1. During pregnancy, it does not promote the egg bed and it is easy to have a miscarriage.The uterine wall tissue scar and closure of the uterine wall tissue caused by endometrial adhesion destroy the integrity of the endometrium layer, leading to physiological dysfunction and endometrial damage, that is, the storage of sperm, which is very good for survival and fertility capabilities.unfavorable.It is not conducive to placental transplantation and embryo development, which can lead to infertility and abortion.

2. Uterine cavity adhesion is usually complicated by fallopian tubes.Due to fallopian tube congestion, edema, thickening, and hardening, the lumen adhesion and narrowing into obstruction, it cannot properly bind to the egg and causes women to be infertility.

Can the uterine cavity adhesion be cured?

The uterine cavity adhesion is cured.If you want to see if there is a uterine cavity adhesion, the most reliable diagnosis standard is usually hysteroscopic examination, which can help doctors more intuitive and more accurate understanding the condition of women’s uterine cavity, and determine the position, scope, and extent of the uterine cavity.

The adhesion of the uterine cavity seriously endangers the reproductive health of women, which can cause symptoms of menstrual disorders such as less menstruation and amenorrhea. The main impact on childbirth is infertility, abortion, death, and ectopic pregnancy. The infertility rate is as high as 43%.Premature birth, pre -placenta, placenta implantation, placenta retention, etc.If you have pregnancy and planning, you need to treat the uterine cavity adhesion in time.

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