Can the prospective mommy eat durian during pregnancy?

The type of amino acids in durian fruit is complete and rich in content. In addition to coloring, it also contains 7 essential amino acids. Among them, glutamic acid content is particularly high.For friends with weak bodies, durian can supplement the energy and nutrition that the body needs to achieve the effect of strengthening the body, nourishing yin and nourishing the yang.The answer to this question is yes.

Can I eat durian during pregnancy?

The image metaphor of the "one durian and three chickens" of the folk is because durian has the effect of great supplementation, especially those who are weak after illness and postpartum women can eat more appropriately.In addition, durian has the effect of promoting blood circulation and cold, and has a relief effect on women with cold and dysmenorrhea.

Durian meat contains high sugar, and rich in protein and lipids, which has a good nourishing effect on the body. It is a good source of nutrients in fruits.Therefore, pregnant women can eat the durian chain.

Although pregnant women can eat durians during pregnancy, they should eat less, and it is best not to eat. Because the heat and sugar contained in durian are high, 500 grams contains 500 kcal of calories.The blood sugar is rising, and the baby will be too serious, and the opportunity for huge fetuses will increase in the future.Although durian is rich in cellulose, it will absorb water and swell in the stomach. Too much consumption will block the intestines and cause constipation. For pregnant women who are prone to constipation, they will increase their burden, especially the original constipation.Pregnant women with hemorrhoids should not eat durian.Furthermore, durian is warm. It is easy to get angry when eating, sore throat, irritability and insomnia, causing fever in pregnant women and harming the health of newborns.

Consumption durian tips

1. When choosing durian, the nail on it should be full. If you want to eat some cooked, you can pinch the two adjacent nails. If you can move, it means that it is more mature, or you can smell the handle. If there are some, there are some.It can be eaten in a day or two.Look at the position of the handle. If it is relatively refreshing and the end is a bit deep, it is naturally mature and can be selected.

2. If you are not mature, you can eat it. The durian meat is hard and light.As for the dry bag and wet bag, the fruit part is dry or wet. Pick up the durian and shake it. If there is a sound, you feel that there is something inside shaking, which means that it is a dry bag.The good durian, the flesh cannot contain too much water nor too hard, but is soft and humid, with a touch of bitterness.

3. After the durian is consumed, it will have a smell on my hand. Wash it with water with durian shell to remove it.Although durian is delicious, it should not be eaten too much at a time, otherwise it will easily lead to hot body, and its rich nutrition will cause fire due to the inability to completely absorb the stomach.

4. Eat durian is easy to dry and heat. The method of eliminating hot hotness is to drink some light saline or eat some fruits with more water to balance while eating durian. Pear and watermelon are good choices.However, the best partner of durian is the mangosteen called the queen of the fruit. Only it can easily reduce the anger of the king of fruits and protect the body from being damaged.

Since eating durian is to supplement vitamins, but eating too much, it is easy to cause constipation.Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers can choose other ways to supplement the body’s necessary vitamins and minerals!

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