Can the pregnant mother’s belly "itchy and unbearable", can I rub the skin and medication?

Author: Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

Whether skin medicine can be used during pregnancy is a question that many pregnant mothers care about during long pregnancy.Among them, skin diseases are combined with skin diseases during pregnancy, and some of them are caused by physiological changes during pregnancy, such as pigmentation, melasma, etc., as well as specific skin diseases related to pregnancy, such as: pruritus during pregnancySex skin disease.How risks are the risks for these pregnancy complications and use of skin drugs?Which drugs should be avoided as much as possible, I hope to introduce the pregnant mothers.

The Pharmaceutical Department of Beijing Maternal and Gynecology Hospital analyzes the 61 commonly used skin exterior drugs currently used. The results show that 16 species are disabled in the current set of prescriptions and instructions.There are 14 types of advantages and disadvantages, and there are 7 kinds of use under the guidance of doctors. There are 16 species that are not clear or clearly expressed (Table 1).

Table 1 Pregnancy description of skin external drugs

Although the prescription and instructions have been related to the skin’s external drugs, the medical behavior has never been a dogmatic behavior according to the drawing and the preparation.Many times medical workers need to flexibly formulate medication strategies according to the patient’s own situation, such as metronidazole external preparations. Although the instructions describe the disable, the risk classification of the FDA is described as Class B.At present, metronidazole is still controversial during pregnancy. Because there is no sufficient strict comparison research, it has confirmed that it is safe for women during pregnancy, so it should be used only when the pregnancy is clearly needed, and the application of early pregnancy should be avoided.Medical workers will give individualized administration in conjunction with the current research on the frontier and patient characteristics.

It is recommended that patients consult doctors and pharmacists when applying skin use drugs.When a adverse reaction occurs, stop the drug in time.It is hoped that every pregnant mother trusts the hospital, a trustworthy physician and pharmacist, and will not be passed on to the rumor as Gui, follow the doctor’s order.Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists will do their best to escort the health of pregnant mothers and babies.


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