Can the onions be fried?How to do it?


Onions are a kind of vegetables for us, but this kind of vegetable is not more popular than other vegetables. There are many places that are not planted, so there is not much chance of eating.Onions are foreign products. It is native to western Asia. During the Western Han Dynasty, Zhangye passed through the Western Regions and brought back many species from the Western Regions.Among them, there were onions. At that time, there were records of planting onions in the Western Regions.In the 16th century, onions were introduced to North America.The 17th century passed to Japan.On the 18th century, onions were introduced into Macau from white European people and planted them in Guangdong.

There are many types of onions. There are several colors. The most common is white, purple -red, yellow and red. In fact, purple -red and white are the most common. Different colors and varieties have different tastes.People in Xinjiang love to eat white and purple, especially white love to eat. This white color tastes lighter, crispy, and juicy.Suitable for stir -fry.

Onions are now one of the main planting vegetables in China. China’s onion producing areas mainly include Fujian, Shandong, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places.When it comes to Xinjiang, I have something to say that Xinjiang people are inseparable from cooking, just like the Russians are inseparable from onions.The staple food of Xinjiang people is also inseparable from the onions. The most classic staple food is the grabbing of Xinjiang. When making it, onions are the main condiments, which plays the function of increasing the flavor.Xinjiang people can eat lamb without onion, Xinjiang’s hand catch meat, Xinjiang’s stir -fried sheep miscellaneous, new onions in Xinjiang pepper chicken, Xinjiang’s large dishes are basically unable to leave the onions. The most prominent thing is to eat and catch riceOn the side dishes, onions and other ingredients are made. Xinjiang people eat onions. No ancient people can not be compared elsewhere.

Onions not only love to eat, but also love to eat foreign countries, especially Russians love to eat. The Russians especially love to drink red vegetable soup, which is what we often call Lodong soup.It is made of onion as the main ingredient.The nutrition of onions is very rich. A raw onion weighing 80-100 grams, part of the vitamins and minerals contained in the human body can meet the normal needs of the human body.Onions can not only help digestion, but also have anti -corrosion, antibacterial, sugar reduction, antihypertensive, analgesic, anti -inflammatory, cough, insect repellent and other effects.Doctors recommend eating half of raw onions every day, which can not only prevent tooth decay, but also help reduce cholesterol, prevent heart disease and soften blood vessels and improve immunity. It is a health food suitable for middle -aged and elderly people.

There are many kinds of onions. You can fried, cold, grilled, stewed, boiled, and you can eat it with meat. Generally, our most common method is onion fried eggs, onions fried meat, fried chicken, etc.Coco shares several kinds of onions today.

The first "Onion fried chicken miscellaneous"

Recommended reason: The strength of the chicken is tough, with the aroma of onions, and the spicy flavor of spicy skin and peppercorns, it is really appetizing and wine.

Method: 1. Wash the chicken mixed with cold water and cut it and cut it.

2. Cool oil in the hot pot, 80 % of the oil -hot peppercorns, spicy skin, and ginger burst out of flavor, add chicken to stir -fry the water and the fragrance

3. Add cooking wine and stir -fry evenly, stir -fry with chili sauce evenly, add a little water for about 5 minutes

4. Add onion, green red peppers, salt, and soy sauce to fry for 2 minutes to produce fragrance

5. Add pepper powder, cumin powder, chicken essence and stir -fry evenly

The second type of "Fried onion Stir -fried beef liver" is naturally spicy, which is very spicy, which is very different from the mainland practice. It also creates the characteristics of Xinjiang cuisine. The taste is spicy and bright.

Method: 1. Put a few drops of white vinegar with water with water and soak the beef liver for two hours and wash it, cut the slices, and marinate with starch and sesame oil for 10 minutes.

2. Cool oil in hot pot, stir -fry the liver of beef liver at 80 % of the oil heat, evenly change the color and change it.

3. The hot pot is cold again, add peppercorns, spicy skin, and onion to stir -fry the aroma. This spicy flavor must be burst out

4. Add green and red pepper and minced garlic to stir -fry evenly, add beef liver and stir -fry evenly

5. Add salt and soy sauce and stir -fry evenly. Add pepper, cumin powder, and MSG to stir -fry evenly. This method belongs to the condiments of Xinjiang cuisine.Add more.

The third "Onion Stir -fried Fat Cow"

Method: 1. Put the boiling water and scald the fat cow rolls. Cut the onion and cut it.

2. The hot pot is cold oil, stir -fry the green pepper pieces in the red and red pepper, add onion and salt and stir -fry evenly

3. Stir -fry the scent of the fat beef roll, add the soy sauce and stir -fry evenly

4. Stir -fry the chicken and stir -fry evenly. If you like to eat heavy flavors, you can add oyster sauce to stir -fry together.

In addition to being eaten as vegetables, onions can also be used as hair dyes. It is used to soak the purple -red onion skin in a small amount of water with purple -red onions. After the water is discolored, it can be used for dyeing hair.This kind of hair dyeing method is relatively healthy, that is, pure green, without additives, is easy to fade. It does not last for a long time. Generally, it is only one or two months, but it does not contain any carcinogens. It can be said to be the safest way of hair dyeing.Effect of onion: Promote digestion, sterilization, anti -inflammatory, expectorant and diuretic.

Who should not eat onion

的 Patients with skin diseases should not eat onions.

People with eye diseases cannot eat onions, and their illness will increase.

Patients with gastrointestinal disease cannot eat onions, which can easily lead to worsening.

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