Can the menstrual period be in the same room?You may really don’t know

Auntie is here, so there is a shame problem …

“01 Can I have the same room during menstruation?

There is no absolute answer to this question ~

In terms of physiological structure, menstrual periods are not absolutely impossible.There are not many differences from usual, and even more sensitive.

However, everyone is very different about the psychological acceptance and feelings of this incident: some people praise their courage, but some people have psychological disorders and feel bad.

What I want to say is that this is based on the common wishes of both parties. Any party feels uncomfortable, please refuse!

“02 Will the same room during menstruation harm health?

The old concept is that the menstrual period must not be in the same room. The reason is that the cervix of the menstrual period is open, and bacteria are easier to enter; menstrual blood and endometrium provide good medium for bacterial breeding; low immunity during menstruation and so on.

However, these theories have not been confirmed by scientific research so far. There are also many anti -examples in facts. For example, some women with vaginitis have said that symptoms will be significantly reduced during menstruation.

Therefore, the root cause of the problem lies in inflammation. If any of the two sides have a clear infection, then no matter whether the menstrual period or not, you cannot have the same room!IntersectionIntersection

If you have a room during menstruation, you must pay attention to cleaning.Not paying attention to cleaning will increase the chance of pelvic inflammatory disease and cervical lesions.

There are doubts … Will it …?

● Will the uterine endometriosis (cervical erosion)?

There is a kind of "menstrual blood influx theory" about the pathogenesis of endometriosis.Please note that this is just a doctrine. So far, the pathogenesis of endometriosis is not clear.

The incidence of this disease can be understood, the reason is not as simple as the blood flow.

It belongs to insufficient evidence.

● Will it get infertility?

Basic logic: During the same room -increase the chance of pelvic inflammatory disease -fallopopptera adhesion and pelvic adhesion -affecting conception -infertility.

But after reading the previous analysis, we can know that this statement is also unable to withstand, because as long as you pay attention to cleaning, the first step can be blocked in time.

in conclusion

The above is a discussion of [Healthy Women]. If you have inflammation or do not pay attention to hygiene, the same room during menstruation may aggravate the disease or more likely to get sick.

The conclusion is:

It is not encouraging or absolutely opposed to the same room during menstruation. I just want to tell you that if it really happens, you don’t need to blame and panic ~

Pay attention to Princess "Care" and obtain relevant knowledge. If you have any women’s health problems, you can add groups and communicate with the obstetrics and gynecologists of the Three Hospital to provide you with professional consultation.All kinds of mothers and infants are waiting for you to take it, don’t miss it!

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