Can the diet during pregnancy determine the baby’s skin color?Want your baby’s skin, eat these during pregnancy

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Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

Xiaoli and her husband’s skin are not white. Now she has been pregnant for more than 6 months. She wants to have a fair -skinned baby, and inquires all kinds of inquiry, see if there is any way to make the baby’s skin white.The fat man from the neighbor’s house said that if you want the baby’s skin, you should eat more white food. Her daughter is doing that when she is pregnant. After the birth of her, the little nephew is white and fat, and she looks particularly good.

Xiaoli listened to the fat sister -in -law, and she wanted to try it, so she ate various white foods every day: milk, yogurt, white noodles, rice, rice slices, potatoes, white corn … black or brown foods did not eatThe meat is not eaten. As a result, a month after a month later, not only anemia, the fetus is also a week younger. Finally, the doctor asked "there was a problem with the diet this month" and told her the genetic common sense and the skin’s genetic common sense andHow to diet propose proper.

We have all heard a lot of sayings:

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers eat more white foods (such as ravioli, flour, lily, etc.), so that the baby’s skin will be white after birth;

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should eat more grapes and longan, the baby’s eyes are large, round and bright after birth;

Pregnant mothers should eat less soy sauce during pregnancy, otherwise the baby will be pigmented after birth;


In fact, these claims have no reason at all!

The skin color of the baby is mainly related to heredity. During pregnancy, dietary factors have a very small effect.

If the skin color of the parents is not white, the baby’s skin will not be very white after birth; but if the parents always have a white skin, the baby may have fair skin after birth.My husband’s skin is very white, my child is like him, and the skin is very white.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not superstitize these claims. In order to allow the baby to have white skin after birth, try all kinds of "secret recipes that can turn the baby’s skin white". This approach is unreliable!Don’t make your baby’s skin white, but affect the health of the baby’s baby, so it will be lost.

Although the baby’s appearance, skin color, etc. are mainly determined by genetics, if you pay attention to the balanced diet during pregnancy, try these foods appropriately:

Foods rich in collagen: such as trotters, help increase skin elasticity;

Foods with high vitamin C content: such as kiwi, fresh jujube, vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin C can reduce skin melanin, antioxidant whitening skin, etc.;

Fresh vegetables: such as western blue flowers, the carotene lessons inside keep skin elasticity. Sulfenol sulfone can reduce the formation of melanin enzymes and prevent the formation of skin spots;

Soy products: such as soy milk and eating tofu, soy products can improve skin activity. The lecithin inside has a whitening and moisturizing effect;

Milk: Milk is rich in calcium and is a good calcium supplement food during pregnancy. It can also improve sleep and beauty food. Pregnant mothers can drink 1-2 bags of milk a day.

Jingma said: Diverse foods during pregnancy, diverse foods, and nutritional balance are basic. Although nutrition must be supplemented, it cannot be supplemented too much. After all, it is easy to gain weight.No good.

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