Can sauerkrauts induce cancer?Eating sauerkraut for a long time has these 3 major effects on the body

Sauerkraut is a very common food in life. It is made of fresh vegetables through multiple craftsmanship. In the process, it involves fermentation. After fermentation, it tastes delicious. It has a sour taste. It can appetite and help digestion.However, some people say that sauerkraut is unhealthy. Eating sauerkraut often makes malignant tumors appear. Should it be available? Is it true?

People in many parts of my country like to eat sauerkraut, and they will marinate themselves to make these vegetables taste unique, and they can also collide with other foods delicious.Regarding the controversy of sauerkraut, nutritional value has never stopped.

Some people say that carcinogens will produce carcinogens during the fermentation of sauerkraut. The risk of cancer often increases the risk of carcinogens, because the nitrite will be produced during the pickled process, and this substance will increase the risk of cancer prevalence.It constitutes a hidden danger and a large amount of intake for a long time, and often intake to cause malignant tumors to attack.If you only eat sauerkraut occasionally, there are not many intake, and the production process of sauerkraut is not enough to directly cause cancer, don’t worry about the problem.

What are the effects of long -term sauerkraut?

Regarding whether the sauerkraut is healthy and whether it has an impact on the body, it is necessary to analyze it in specific situation.Because sauerkrauts need to add a lot of salt during the marinating process, it is rich in sodium ions that it contains, and often eats a lot of sauerkrauts. There is indeed a hidden health hazard.

Excessive salt acquisition can cause damage to the mucosa of the digestive system, which may cause the mucous membrane to be congested and edema. Long -term mucosa will be damaged, inflammation, ulcer, and risk of gastrointestinal diseases have greatly increased.If gastrointestinal function is weak, you can’t eat too much sauerkraut.

In order to keep blood pressure stable, the intake of high -salt food should usually be reduced. From the nutritional content of sauerkraut, the amount of salt added during the marinating process is more.Unique, salt is an indispensable seasoning.

And often eat a lot of sauerkraut, excessive sodium ions are obtained, the pressure of the body excrete sodium ions increases, and the blood pressure of many people will be unstable in the process.For long -term blood pressure, the blood vessels to withstand too much pressure may cause complications after the disease.In order to control blood pressure, do not rely too much on sauerkraut or other pickled foods in daily life.

Eating vegetables for a long time will also affect kidney health. As an important organ of the human body, the excretion of harmful substances requires the kidney to actively participate, and whether the diet can be appropriately closely related to kidney function.

Some people eat heavy flavored foods for a long time, and the amount of high -salt such as sauerkraut can be obtained. The kidneys must continue to excrete sodium ions, so that they will increase the pressure, eat too much, eat for a long time, and the kidney may be reduced.It can be seen that if you want to protect the kidneys and improve the function of the organ, you need to eat appropriately. Try to choose light food to provide nutrients.

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