Can pregnant women use it?

Some pregnant women will have the habit of motion sickness by car before pregnancy. After pregnancy, due to the influence of early pregnancy, the motion sickness may be more serious. Especially when smelling various smells in the car, it may be possible to aggravate nausea and vomiting.symptom.So some pregnant women will prepare a motion sickness sticker before taking the car to prevent the situation of their motion sickness.Can pregnant women actually use motion sickness stickers?

Can pregnant women use it?

Pregnant women cannot use motion sickness.

Although motion sickness stickers are not oral drugs like motion sickness drugs, they still contain drug components, but the way to absorb drugs is different.Pregnant women are relatively special crowds. Usually, they can not be used without using drugs, and the instructions for motion sickness stickers are generally avoided by pregnant women.

Why can’t pregnant women use motion sickness stickers

The general basic structure of the motion sickness sticker is composed of lining layer, gel layer, and anti -stick layer. The gel layer contains mint and other ingredients, which has the effect of waking brain.Mint flavor, cold sex, enters the lungs and liver meridians. After being absorbed by the skin, it can enter the fetus through the placenta to affect its growth and development. It can also stimulate the uterus and cause uterine contraction.If the motion sickness sticker is used for a long time, it may cause abortion or premature birth, or even fetal malformation.

What to do if pregnant women motion sickness

1. You can prepare fresh ginger or fresh potatoes, put it on the navel, or hold the ginger and orange peel at any time and smell it at any time, so that the spicy taste of the ginger in the nose.

2. Eat something in an appropriate amount before taking the car, but don’t eat too much, don’t eat sweets, greasy foods, light diet, it is best not to eat milk products or eggs.

3. Select the front of the car to sleep. Do not shake your head on your head. It is best to keep your eyes closed. Pay attention to ventilation with stricter cars.

4. Keep your mood joy.Many pregnant women may change the body and organs after pregnancy. They are sensitive like the taste, and they are prone to dizziness. At this time, do n’t always think that they will motion sickness. Keep your mood relaxed. You can chat with people around him to divert your attention.

5. Pregnant women may have a serious impact on the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women who are prone to motion sickness, especially their physique, is not very good. It is best to reduce the number of times and time to take a car and avoid damage.


During pregnancy, no matter what drugs are used, you must be cautious. If you really need it, you must also consult the doctor and then use it based on the guidance.

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