Can pregnant women know the sex of the fetus?What information can I get?Growing knowledge

Can you know a baby and women in a drop of blood?Is it really?

"Drop blood" identify the gender of the fetus, safe and harmless?

In ancient times, there were blood dripping blood, and there was blood to recognize children’s gender today?

I do n’t know when, some people may be curious, or because of the thoughts of faithful men and women, especially wanting to judge the gender of children in the belly of pregnant women through various methods.

Some say that the shape of a pregnant woman represents the fetus men and women, and some say what pregnant women like to eat are related to the gender of the fetus, and the state of pregnant women can represent the fetus or women.

With the development of ultrasonic technology, it is not a dream to know that the gender of the fetus is in advance, but from the perspective of ethics and morality, it seems that there seems to be a great risk of the gender of the fetus in the pregnant woman in advance, such as choosing abortion and abortion because the gender of children does not like children.

Under such concerns, doctors ban doctors from informing pregnant women’s fetal gender, but there are still a group of people on the edge of the law to try to know the sex of the fetus in advance.Recently, "Drop Blood" distinguished the gender of the fetus quietly on various platforms.Is this true?Should pregnant mothers really do this?

With the continuous improvement of the medical level, it is indeed possible to distinguish the gender of the fetus through a drop of blood from pregnant women.However, it is different from ordinary blood tests. It uses genetic engineering technology to determine the sex of the fetus by monitoring the chromosome sample in the blood in pregnant women.

The reason why this method is effective is that studies have found that during pregnancy, some DNA clips carried by the fetus will enter the mother’s body.We all know that men and women are different in sex chromosomes. Men carry Y chromosomes and women carry X chromosomes. If they are babies, they are boys, and the mother’s blood will be found to contain Y chromosomes.Naturally, Y chromosomes will not be found.

According to this principle, we found that the venous blood of pregnant women can indeed judge the gender of the fetus, and compared to the ultrasonic testing method, this method basically does not affect the growth and development of the fetus, and the safety is higher.

However, there are many disadvantages in this way. For example, the judgment of twins and polyphysians will make mistakes, because the gender of multiple births is likely to be different. Simply dependent DNA fragments cannot accurately judge the gender of the fetus.

In addition, this method is not popular. At present, only Hong Kong can conduct this inspection. The test cost is relatively high, and many families are difficult for many families to bear such an economic burden.

The most important thing is that it is illegal!

Since 2002, my country’s "Population and Family Planning Law" stipulates that the use of ultrasonic or other technologies for fetal gender identification has nothing to do with medical needs. The law requires no unit or individual to conduct a fetal gender identification that has nothing to do with medical needs.

Many people may not understand why the state does not allow fetal gender identification. This is because our country used to be a farming society. It is difficult to survive by families with a labor force.Only men can inherit the family career, and the idea of "heavy men and women" is very serious.

Although my country has always been advocating equality between men and women, some people are still influenced by the thoughts of "heavy men and women". They hope that they can have a male baby.Coupled with the past for a while, my country has implemented the policy of only children. Many families who want a boy want to identify the sex of the fetus through medical technology. If it is not for a boy, he chooses to abort in advance, so as not to "occupy" the family’s fertility places.

However, such a gender choice will inevitably bring the problem of imbalance between men and women, and the stability of society will be affected. Because there are not enough women and men to get married, it is likely to cause the frequency of sexual crimes to rise and make society turbulent.At the same time, due to the decrease in the number of women, the fertility rate will decrease and increase the age of population.

To put it simply, the impact of choosing the sex of the fetus on the future of society is very great. In order to avoid such things, my country ’s order prohibits the sexual identification of fetal gender.

Of course, pregnant mothers should not see the hospital’s blood test. We are very worried. The blood test we conduct on weekdays is not to have a fetal gender identification. Instead, we must understand the physical condition of pregnant women and maintain the health and safety of the mother and the fetus.

1. Blood glucose

Pregnant women must pay attention to the blood glucose level on the blood checklist during maternity checks. Under normal circumstances, the empty blood glucose during the birth check should be between 3.3-5.1 mmol/L.It suffers from gestational diabetes.

Don’t underestimate gestational diabetes, it will cause serious harm to pregnant women and fetuses.For pregnant women, long -term high sugar levels will stimulate the fetus to secrete more insulin. Under the action of insulin, the synthesis speed of protein and fat is greatly improved.It is prone to huge children.

For pregnant women, childbirth is originally a difficult thing. If the child is a huge child, it is easy to increase the difficulty of childbirth because of the large volume of the cards.Life is in danger.

On the other hand, for the fetus, the extension of the output may also make it unable to get enough blood supply, which will cause the fetus ischemia and hypoxic. If the hypoxia is too long, it will directly damage the brain cells, which will adversely affect the fetus of the fetus.It will even lose life due to severe hypoxia.

Therefore, everyone must not ignore the blood glucose level on the blood test.

If you find that the blood sugar is too high, it is best to adjust your own diet under the guidance of a doctor to reduce the intake of high oil and high -fat foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables with less sugar.

At the same time, it is recommended that you strengthen exercise appropriately. Exercise can consume the glycogen substances stored in the human body and play a direct blood glucose role. However, the physical condition of pregnant women is more special. When exercisingSo as not to bring great stimulation to the body and fetus.

2. hemoglobin

Hemorrin is a protein responsible for transporting oxygen in our body. When its value is too low, pregnant women can easily cause symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, and nausea due to hypoxia.

This is very likely that during pregnancy, the fetus needs too much nutrients during pregnancy. All the protein in the food is absorbed, so that the pregnant woman does not have sufficient nutritional supply, and therefore appears related symptoms.

At this time, pregnant women need to follow the doctor’s advice, actively supplement nutrition, and eat more protein -containing foods, such as beef, fish, etc. to reduce these discomfort.

If pregnant women have rising hemoglobin, on the one hand, it may be because the blood in the body is in a high -coordinated state under hormone stimulation, and the blood is concentrated because it shows a state of high hemoglobin. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.Too worry.

On the other hand, it may be because pregnant women have problems such as excess nutrition or congenital heart disease. At this time, doctors need to be used for further diagnosis. After clarifying the cause, choose to adjust the life status of pregnant women or treat them in a timely manner.

3. Platelet count

Under normal circumstances, the platelet count of pregnant women should be at 100 × 10^9/L-300 × 10^9/L, but sometimes it may occur for low platelets due to hypertension and immune diseases during pregnancy.At this time we must be vigilant.

Because platelets are responsible for coagulation and hemostasis, when pregnant women are low, they are likely to occur in multiple organs and tissue ischemia. During childbirth, hemostasis may be caused by dysfunctional dysfunction, which causes major bleeding.

When pregnant women lose blood to a certain degree, each tissue, including the brain, will have ischemia and hypoxia, and it is easy to occur in shock syndrome, causing patients to danger to life.

Therefore, when pregnant mothers find that their platelets are abnormal, they must actively check and treat them to avoid accidents!

Now everyone should understand the blood test, right?Here we need to remind everyone a special thing. Compared with the gender of a firm fetus, this is more "torture", which is surrogacy.

Since the surrogacy has been revealed, the public’s attention to surrogacy has risen straight.

The so -called surrogacy refers to the behavior of some women with reproductive ability with the help of modern medical technology, and the behavior of giving birth to life for others. The fertilized eggs may come from the sperm and egg of the client, or it may come from the surrogaters’sThe sperm of the egg and the client, or it comes completely from others.

The emergence of this situation may be because the commissioner cannot give birth normally, or some women are worried that their bodies will deform after pregnancy, so they choose to be surrogate.The existence of surrogacy is allowed in Russia, Ukraine, and some states in the United States, but it is clearly prohibited in my country.

There are quite a lot of ethical issues involving surrogacy. For example, who is the child’s mother, how to deal with the child’s family, whether the surrogate mother can use the uterus as a commodity, what should I do if the client refuses to raise the child, etc.Wait for many problems.

There is no way to solve these problems at the moment, and our social values do not support such behavior.And, you can think about it in other places. Isn’t this a protection of surrogates?

Some surrogates are already old women and still insist on giving birth.For the elderly surrogate, at this time, the organs and tissues of her body have different degrees of degeneration, the intensity of uterine contractions will also decrease, and her physical strength is constantly declining, which can easily cause extension of the output process and increase the difficulty in giving birth.The chance of occurring.

Not only that, multiple fertility will also cause irreparable harm to the bottom muscle of the surrogate. We all know that the fetus in October is the process of gradually growing the fetus. During this periodFor a long time, it will excessively pull the base muscle of the mother’s basin, allowing pregnant women to relax the pelvic floor muscle. Severe pelvic foundation relaxation can even affect the urine control function of the bladder, causing people to suffer from stress urinary incontinence.

After this problem requires women to gradually restore the foundation of the basin muscle through the anal lifting exercise, but for the surrogates, they do not have such enough time to recover and recover.Severe relaxation, the quality of life in the future is significantly reduced.

Therefore, if you really cannot have birth and want to have a child for physical reasons, you can realize the desire of parents through adoption. There is no need to choose a "punishment" method of surrogacy.

With the advancement of medical technology, we can now know the gender of the fetus through a drop of blood from pregnant women. This is beneficial to the body of pregnant women and fetuses.This matter!

Of course, pregnant mothers should not worry about daily blood tests. This blood test is not to detect the gender of the fetus, but to detect the physical condition of the pregnant mother.The safety of the mother and fetus.

It is also necessary to remind everyone one thing. Compared to identifying the gender of the fetus, surrogacy is prohibited. If you really cannot have birth for physical reasons, you can realize your parents’ dreams by adopting it!


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