Can pregnant women go to the New Year?Do 3 o’clock, soothe the baby baby, live a comfortable years

Indeed, more and more people are now actively hosting the annual goods, and we have also felt the taste of the year.The Spring Festival has always been a festival that many people are looking forward to. At this stage, the company will also take a holiday. The family reunion is full of feelings.However, for expectant mothers, the New Year made them feel difficult. If they want to go to relatives, they are afraid of some unexpected problems. They do not go to relatives and worry about being discussed behind others.

I remember that I was pregnant when I was pregnant in 16 years. As a result, I felt very worried one month before the Spring Festival, and I didn’t know how to spend the Spring Festival.Fortunately, the mother -in -law and my mother’s family were not far away. They arrived in almost a few hours. They were very tired when they took their own car. After returning to her mother’s house, they discussed with her mother.I thought I would not go to my relatives, but I couldn’t go through my face. Later, I asked some doctors to understand the precautions before I was safe for a long time.

During the Spring Festival, what should expectant mothers do to avoid fetal babies from dissatisfaction?

1. Develop good eating habits

Indeed, in the Spring Festival, every family will prepare big fish and meat to welcome our guests, so most of the food we can eat within these days is relatively greasy.As soon as the expectant mother sees such beneficial food, a physiological reaction will cause.Of course, some expectant mothers have a good appetite, and they will choose to eat more. This will actually hurt the health of the baby, especially some spicy stimulating, cold stimulating foods, which will directly cause problems with the baby’s development. We must avoid it.

2. Develop good sleep habits

Staying up late during the Chinese New Year is a common thing. Many people choose to sing all night, play mahjong overnight, chat overnight, and even stay on New Year’s Eve is a more popular thing.However, expectant mothers must avoid excessive fatigue, and it is extremely important to develop good sleep habits. After all, when sleeping at night, the state of the body will gradually recover, which is beneficial to the growth and development of the baby.Of course, there are some expectant mothers in the third trimester, so you must avoid staying up late.When the child feels that the mother is in a state of being more active, they will also move in the mother’s belly. This also causes the expectant mother to suffer. It is more serious and may cause the umbilical cord around the neck.Therefore, for the safety of the child and the body of the expectant mother, it is best to quickly fall asleep according to the previous sleep habits.

3. Stay away from the pollution environment

Most people in the countryside will put ritual flowers on the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Although the flavor is full, the air pollution is extremely serious after the firecrackers.Consider your baby’s health.In addition, when eating on the table, you find that some people around you swallow the clouds and vomit fog. Everyone should avoid it. After all, the second -hand smoke inhaled the inside of the body will directly cause some suffocation factors, causing the child’s body to defect.Mom pays attention to some small details, the child will become healthier.

During pregnancy, it is more uncomfortable. If it is far from my hometown, it is recommended that the expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester, do not try to walk around at will.We also believe that after we are pregnant, everyone will also be blessed, instead of blaming why we do not go to New Year.

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