Can pregnant mothers drink brown sugar ginger tea when they have a cold?

"Suddenly cooling today, I sneezed several times when I went out. I had a runny nose in the afternoon, but don’t catch a cold."

"After getting cold, drink some brown sugar ginger soup. The effect is particularly good. I used to drink a bowl of hot ginger soup in the morning, and soon it felt good."

"But I heard that it is best not to drink during pregnancy, but I don’t want to take medicine, so tangled!"

During pregnancy, the resistance of pregnant mothers will decline, especially the weather has become cold recently, and it is easy to cause cold symptoms.Many people like to drink a bowl of brown sugar ginger tea to drive cold after being cold. So can a special group of pregnant mothers drink brown sugar ginger soup?What do you need to pay attention to when drinking?Let ’s take a look with Dr. Huang.

Efficacy of brown sugar ginger soup:

Ginger medicine is warm, can sweat and solve the table, disperse wind and cold, mild effect, suitable for cold cold and light disease; brown sugar has the effects of promoting blood circulation, blood circulation and muscles, and warming the spleen and stomach.The weather turned cold, and the pregnant mother accidentally suffered cold cold. Drink a glass of brown sugar ginger tea to dispel the cold, so that the body sweats slightly, and it is more obvious for the cold and the cold caused by the cold.

In addition, brown sugar ginger tea also has the effect of warming the stomach. Drinking a small cup can keep the gastrointestinal of the pregnant mother, which can promote the discharge of toxins in the body as soon as possible, remove excessive garbage in the body, and speed up the metabolism.And brown sugar also has a certain iron, which can have the effect of nourishing blood.

Pregnant mothers have the following attention when drinking brown sugar ginger tea:

It is recommended that pregnant mothers drink brown sugar ginger tea appropriately when they are cold or cold, and do not serve as daily drinks.Brown sugar ginger tea is hot, while pregnant women are hot and hot. Drinking too much can increase physical heat, causing constipation, heat, ulcer, etc. to get angry.

Pregnant mothers with high blood sugar should not drink brown sugar ginger tea as much as possible, so as not to raise blood sugar, which will have adverse effects on pregnant mothers and babies. Even if you want to drink, you must control the amount. You can reduce the amount of brown sugar.

Do not choose brown sugar ginger tea with other traditional Chinese medicine supplements including Ejiao, wolfberry, motherwort.

Here are two cold food therapy prescriptions for pregnant mothers:

1. Radish: Radish is known as "villain ginseng", which is rich in vitamin C, which has a unique effect on preventing and treating colds.

You can chop the juicy radish, then press the half -tea cup juice, mash the ginger, squeeze out a small amount of ginger juice, add a small amount of sugar or honey in the radish juice, then add the water or honey.Accelerate the healing cold.

2. Chicken soup: Studies have found that colds will cause the body to produce a large amount of neutral granulocytes, which will stimulate the body to secrete mucus, which will cause cough and nasal congestion.It has a good effect on protecting the respiratory tract smoothly and accelerating the healing of colds.

Chicken soup contains a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body, which can effectively enhance the body’s ability to resist the cold virus.

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