Can pregnant dogs eat probiotics?What should I pay attention to when I get pregnant?

Dogs need to take good care of them after pregnancy. Many pet owners also attach great importance to the dietary problems of dogs. So can pet probiotics used for dogs daily, can they give dogs at this time?What do you need to pay attention to after pregnancy after pregnancy?This time, I will answer this question for everyone.

Can pregnant dogs eat probiotics?

Pregnant dogs can eat probiotics, but in the choice of probiotics, be sure to choose "high temperature resistance, fermentation, high activity", which can fit the dog’s physiological characteristics.Symptoms and other symptoms do not need to use probiotics for him every day. Take the most common pet probiotic pet gastrointestinal treasure on the market as an example.Use 1-2 times.

What do you need to pay attention to after pregnancy after pregnancy?

For the first month of pregnancy, the fetus is relatively small. The pet owner does not have to prepare special feed for the dog. In general, the dog’s appetite is very bad in the early stage of pregnancy, so at this time, take pets for it for it.Probiotics can relieve this situation well. After a month, the dog’s fetus began to develop rapidly, and the demand for various nutrients also increased sharply. At this time, the pet owner should be fed three times a day. In addition to increasing the dog to increase the dogIn addition to the supply of food, it is also necessary to supplement dogs rich in protein -rich foods, such as meat, animal internal organs, eggs, fresh milk, etc.

Don’t touch the following food!


Contains a large amount of alkaline and caffeine, which can cause acute poisoning, abnormalities in digestive tract, nerves and hearts, and even death.

· Scallion

The special ingredients of onions (including green onions, green onions, chives, etc.) of onions (including green onions, green onions, chives, etc.) can destroy dog blood red blood cells and cause gastroenteritis. Symptoms of poisoning include anemia, bloody stools, hematuria, vomiting, etc., which can also cause death under severe cases.

In addition, garlic is actually a kind of green onion plant, and long -term consumption may also cause anemia.


Grapes can cause dog renal failure (including grape skin and raisins).

· Human medication and health products

Under what circumstances, do not give pets for drugs or health products without authorization.The first is that the dose is incorrect (especially for health products for cats and dogs) to cause acute poisoning; the second is that it is poisonous for dogs, such as acetaminol in many cold medicines.

· Live leftovers

Oil, oil and salt condiments, minerals, etc. are too high and uneven for cats and dogs. The accumulation causes chronic poisoning, which is also the culprit for many dogs to pick.


Alcoholic beverages and foods affect the liver and brain of cats and dogs, causing vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal nervous system, difficulty in breathing, coma, and even death, even a small amount of intake is dangerous.


Coffee, tea, and many functional drinks contain caffeine. Cats and dogs by mistake can cause diarrhea, vomiting, etc., and even cause abnormal heart and nervous system.

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