Can pregnancy still cause hearing decline?After reading it, I know how easy it is

Each mother is great. They pregnant in October and gave birth to our lives.During pregnancy, mothers will suffer from suffering, vomiting, edema, inconvenience of mobility, etc., and even hearing declines!

There are several main reasons:

Iron deficiency anemia: Women’s demand for iron will increase significantly after pregnancy. If the intake is insufficient, it is easy to cause iron deficiency anemia, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply of the auditory system, which will cause hearing to decrease.

Headache: Some pregnant women often have headaches or migraine during pregnancy, which will increase the risk of hearing decline.

Hypertension and insomnia: Pregnancy will put a lot of pressure on pregnant women. When pressure causes high blood pressure and insomnia, it may cause hearing to decrease.

TMJ (syndrome of temporal mandibular joint disorders): This disease is more common among pregnant women, and tooth joint problems may cause imbalance in the ears, causing the ears to blocked, and even hearing decreased.

Cold: Pregnancy will inhibit the normal work of the pregnant mother’s immune system, which means that pregnant mothers may be easier to catch a cold.Colds may bring rhinitis, ear infection, etc., which causes symptoms such as ears, ears, and temporary hearing decline.

A slight hearing loss during pregnancy is normal, and generally it will gradually return to normal after delivery.

However, such hearing reduction is usually a health alert from the body, reminding pregnant women to strengthen nutrition, ensure sleep, and relieve stress.

However, if the hearing decreases a lot in a short time, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and treat them with symptoms in a timely manner to avoid being dragged into permanent hearing loss.

Just a decline in hearing during pregnancy, we can feel the difficulty of mothers to bred life.Maternal love is selfless, and they always willingly pay for their children.

In the past, my mother loved us without reservation. Now, we have loved them.This Mother’s Day starts with concerns about their ear health!

Do you notice that your mother is no longer as loving as before, I can’t hear it clearly when I call, and always interrupt when chatting.

According to surveys, hearing loss has become the world’s third largest common chronic disease.Among the elderly over 65 years old, one person has an an average of 1 person suffering from senior hearing losses.

Hearing loss is not just a problem of unclear and poor communication. Long -term listening problems will seriously affect the physical and mental health of the elderly.① It is easy to cause the elderly to negative emotions, gradually becoming lonely, not talking, and even inducing psychological problems such as depression.

② It will reduce the ability to balance the elderly and slowly react, which will greatly increase the risk of the elderly’s accidental falling and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, the elderly have hearing problems and need to be intervened as soon as possible.

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