Can people with diabetes eat winter melon?The real benefit is not hypoglycemic, and reasonable matching is the key

Winter melon daily life is very common. It is a fruits of fruits with low calories and more dietary fiber. The vitamin content of winter melon is also relatively high. From the perspective of calories, about 10 calories per 100g of winter melon, for obese people, stillVery suitable.

In addition, winter melon is high -potassium and low sodium food, which is very helpful for hypertension and preventive cardiovascular disease.

For patients with diabetes, the melon itself does not have the effect of lowering sugar. Winter melon contains a substance with glycolic acid.Fat, preventing the accumulation of fat in the body, is very helpful for weight loss and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, winter melon is very suitable for fat sugar friends and sugar friends with hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Daily diet can add winter melon.

In addition, the cooking of winter melon is also very convenient. Whether it is made into soup, it is very delicious. It is very beneficial for the sugar friends who get angry and often thirsty.Hot and thirst.

So, how can sugar friends eat winter melon?

In fact, the practice in life is relatively simple. If you only eat winter melon, you can directly stir -fry or eat cold.Of course, winter melon can also be eaten with other ingredients.

Winter melon shredded soup

Winter melon can make soup with lean meat, remove the peeling and cricket of the winter melon first, wash it and cut it into small pieces for later use, then marinate the lean pork, boil the water in the pot, put it in the cut meat and winter melon.Add green onion ginger and coriander, stir the soup and season out the pot, and eat it after cooling.

Winter melon chicken soup

Put the appropriate amount of winter melon and cut into pieces. Put it in boiling water and scald it. After preparing mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots, add oil to the pot to heat, add winter melon, mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots, stir fry for a while, add it to add it, then add it to add, and then add it to joinSalt, cook the chicken soup until the taste, and finally get it out of the pan and eat it.

Winter melon seaweed tofu soup

Winter melon tofu soup is very suitable for candy friends. Generally, wash the melon and slices first, cut tofu thick pieces, prepare a little seaweed for back, add an appropriate amount of oil to the pot, add a little green onion, put the prepared winter melon and tofu in the pot in the potCook until it tastes, and then cook the soup with low heat for 10 minutes.

The greatest benefit of people with diabetes is to help alleviate related complications through diet therapy, such as ultra -obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, nephropathy, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, sugar friends may wish to include winter melon in their daily diet. It should be noted that although the winter melon is good, they must not eat more blindly, let alone put the hopes of hypoglycemic on a single food.

If you want to control blood sugar more stable, you need to follow the doctor’s guidance, take medicine on time, actively do dietary management, adhere to reasonable exercise, monitor on time, three meals on time, regularly work, and maintain a good mentality.

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