Can people with chronic nephritis be pregnant?Doctor: Prepare these 4 o’clock

For women with chronic nephritis, many are worried about whether they will affect fertility.Indeed, for patients with chronic nephritis to have children, then we must weigh the advantages and disadvantages before pregnancy, because more pressure must be taken after pregnancy, it may increase the burden on the kidneys and even aggravate the condition.

1. The basic condition of pregnancy must

If patients with chronic nephritis want to get pregnant, they must keep the condition stable, with normal renal function and blood pressure, and good urine protein control.Consult the relevant doctors before pregnancy. After pregnancy, you need to bear greater risks. It may cause more damage to the kidneys, causing kidney dysfunction and leading to worsening the condition.

2. Make full psychological preparation

Women should understand the disease correctly after pregnancy, and understand a series of problems that may bring after pregnancy, and maintain emotional stability.Patients should regularly go to the hospital for examination, so that the kidney problems can be detected in time, and they can prevent problems before they occur.

3. Actively prevent infection

Patients with chronic nephritis will decrease significantly after pregnancy. We must keep your body warm in your body. Add clothes according to weather changes. You must understand the daily weather changes.The development and recurrence of the condition are generally related to the upper respiratory tract infection and the body’s cold. To maintain the air circulation and dryness of the living environment, and actively prevent infection.Usually expose the sun and carry out outdoor activities to enhance resistance and immunity.Autumn is the season of high influenza, try not to go to a more densely populated public place.Usually pay attention to personal hygiene, develop a good habit of washing hands before meals; keep the vagina clean, avoid sexual life during the period; drink plenty of water to urinate to prevent urinary tract infections;Habits to protect oral hygiene.

4. Do the conventional diagnosis and treatment

Patients with chronic nephritis went to the hospital every two weeks to do a review. The main contents of the review include blood pressure urine protein, urine routine, and renal function. At the same time, they must not forget to check the fetus.When the blood pressure rises suddenly and the urine protein increases significantly, it is necessary to rest in bed.Only simple urine protein occurs. If it is not accompanied by hypertension, you cannot stop the pregnancy blindly.When the renal function is discovered, the cause of the kidney should be found in time, such as urinary tract infection, whether there are colds, disorders of electrolytes, and dehydration.The kidney function has decreased sharply and blood pressure cannot be controlled. A large amount of proteinuria continues to increase, and pregnancy must be terminated immediately.

Kind tips

Patients should pay attention to the hygiene and nutrition of diet after pregnancy. They eat more vegetables and fruits with more vitamin A and vitamin C. At the same time, they should also replenish iron reasonably.Pay more attention to rest to avoid excessive fatigue.

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