Can patients with depression during pregnancy or lactation can take medicine for treatment?

Female friends during pregnancy or lactation are also high -incidence of depression.Relevant investigations have shown that this is mainly related to the obvious changes in women’s hormone levels in pregnancy or puerpeaks and pressure on identity conversion or unpleasant family life.

If you are depressed during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or when you are taking antidepressants, you find that you are pregnant by accident.

In this similar case, can you take antidepressant drugs? Will taking antidepressants harm the fetus?Is there the possibility of teratogenic?I believe this must be a topic that everyone is very concerned about.

So today’s Enn Psychologist will discuss this topic with everyone!

Whether taking anti -psychic drugs will tease the fetus? Frankly speaking, no doctor can absolutely answer, so or not.

Professor Sitianmei once wrote an article summarizing the choice of drugs during pregnancy and lactation. You can refer to:

Class B, that is, there is no clear evidence to indicate drugs with risks to humans.This type of common antidepressant drugs include, butyl ring ketone, Pippi Tan, Galatamin, USKA, etc.!

Class C cannot exclude the possibility of teratings, but the benefits of medication during pregnancy are still acceptable.This type of antidepressants include Sipptide, Shequlin, Flushhaming, Venrafasin, Mikapatsu, Amepone, amparin, etc.

Grade D, evidence shows that there is risk, which may be greater than disadvantages, but the potential benefits of women’s medication during pregnancy can still be accepted.This includes the drugs, aspiraz, triazolun, for Massi, Flosi!

This summary has a good significance for the clinical medication of psychiatrics, but what kind of drugs should be used in a comprehensive consideration of the patient’s response to the drug and the tolerance of the side effects of the drug.Find one -on -one communication.

A pregnant woman was 8 months pregnant and was very anxious during the consultation, and listened to the description of their family members. The patient had obvious symptoms in about four months of pregnancy.Pregnant women want to abandon, but the family does not want. Based on this, the doctor of the local psychiatric and the obstetrics and gynecology doctors will be consulting. At present, the fetal indicators are normal.Finally, the patient’s emotions were prescribed. The fetus is now 3 years old after the production of the fetus, and there are all bad performance!

Another patient recurs the depression at about 6 months of pregnancy. The doctor considers the medicine to effectively control the patient’s disease and try to reduce the damage to the baby. At present, it is healthy with the child.

Some experts suggest that if you use medicine, you should try to avoid the first three months of pregnancy, which can effectively reduce the probability of teratogenic!

And if you need to use it or adjust the medicine, you must be carried out under the instructions of the doctor, and you must not take the medicine yourself.But after all, the next generation is a family event, so whether it is decided or not, you should sit down and communicate well!

What do you think?

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