Can magnetic resonance examinations during pregnancy?Will it hurt the fetus?

Most pregnant women will pay special attention to themselves during pregnancy, and they will not be checked casually even when they are physical disease. They think that the radiation brought by various images will hurtavoid.However, some pregnant women have a serious illness. Doctors will recommend a magnetic resonance examination. Some pregnant women are more doubtful. Can pregnant women do a magnetic resonance examination, will it affect the fetus?

Generally speaking, pregnant women are mainly based on ultrasonic examination during pregnancy. Ultrasonic examinations are mainly based on non -invasive, fast, cheap, and accurate characteristics.In the direction, it cannot cross the fetal skull, and the field of vision is relatively small. For those who are obese, the results are not particularly accurate during examination.

Therefore, at this time, a magnetic resonance examination needs to be passed. After the ultrasonic examination is performed, there are some abnormalities and cannot directly determine the abnormal phenomenon of the fetus. The magnetic resonance examination can be checked more in detail.According to reports, in recent years, the development of magnetic resonance technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Many hospitals have carried out fetal magnetic resonance examinations.And the type of disease.

Although other image inspections such as CT and X -ray examination have ionizing radiation, it is not recommended for pregnant women during pregnancy, but when there are questions about the fetal condition, the doctor will recommend a magnetic resonance examination, because from the principle of imaging and medicineIn terms of technology, magnetic resonance examinations are safe for the fetus and will not cause bad images to the fetal development.

And in the process of examination, magnetic resonance can scan the fetal central nervous system in detail, which can better get accurate results.In addition, the magnetic resonance examination has good intuition and resolution in the image, allowing doctors to more intuitively evaluate the development of the fetus, and can also scan the surface arbitrarily to accurately on the limbs of each organ.

Warm reminder, pregnant women must have a detailed understanding of magnetic resonance examinations. You must know that if there are some problems during pregnancy, you cannot be checked by ultrasonic, and magnetic resonance examinations can be performed under the guidance of a doctor.Just know that when there is no abnormal situation, you only need to do an ultrasonic check. Do not let yourself perform magnetic resonance at will. After all, magnetic resonance checks with magnetic fields, and too much check may cause damage.

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