Can kissing be pregnant?Do they go to the hospital for marriage and misjudgment of pregnancy and cause emotional rupture. Do they need compensation?

“”.Sometimes life is like this. I want to pass by, like a cloud of smoke.

Xiaoli, 28, has been dating with her boyfriend for more than a year, and understands each other. During this period, there were no excessive requirements. Occasionally, they hugged and kissed me, but they never passed the ditch.The most sacred, less than the last moment, will not go to "illegal operation"!

Finally, the two discussed that they were ready to get married. For the happiness and responsibility of marriage, the two went to the hospital to do a marriage check.It didn’t take long for Xiaoli’s results to finally come out. It was okay not to look at it. At first glance, it showed that it was more than two months pregnant.At a glance, her boyfriend looked at her face, and she suddenly changed from Qing to Yin.

Can kissing be pregnant?At this time, the boyfriend lost his mind, rushed to Xiaoli, and proposed to break up without hesitation.She was also stunned, and she didn’t know what was going on?I didn’t know how to answer him for a while. I was always tangled in my heart. Obviously, there was only a boyfriend in my heart, and no one else had dated.When I thought it was definitely the hospital was wrong, she went to another hospital for examination. Sure enough, the hospital was wrong, but the opposite was the opposite, and she was not pregnant at all.

At this time, she came to the hospital before and took the results in front of them. The hospital checked it again. As a result, everything was normal and was not pregnant.It turned out that the operation errors made the results of others on Xiaoli.So the hospital’s examination doctor apologized to Xiaoli, and she must not accept it.The indignation in his heart was because of their misjudgment, causing emotional rupture.

It didn’t take long for Xiaoli to pay 50,000 yuan in compensation to the hospital, but the hospital did not accept compensation.They believe that although Xiaoli’s results were said to be a doctor’s mistake, they did not cause serious consequences, and they apologized for her.However, Xiaoli believes that it is a doctor’s misjudgment, which has made the couples who had to get married to break up. It was a great psychological blow to her. The hospital must compensate spirit and invited a lawyer to prepare to appeal.

Now that the two parties do not give up, how can the subsequent results be difficult to say?After all, the court said that it would be possible. I think that Xiaoli would ask the hospital to compensate for compensation, but the amount of compensation was expected to be very suspended. What do you think?

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