Can I use scaldol trifle ointment during pregnancy?All patients with psoriasis want to know are here

Psoriasis can bring great physical and mental torture, and people must not have a good way to get rid of this disease.There are currently many drugs that are suitable for psoriasis clinically, including Kabbo tritenol ointment (Dali).As a professional dermatologist, some doubts about the use of "Carbo Triphan Ointment" are confused, and you will answer them one by one!

Question 1. Shortly after diagnosis is a psoriasis, can it be used to use cakbo tripnedol ointment (Dali)?Is the effect good?

Answer: With psoriasis, you must take the correct treatment as soon as possible to better control the condition with some dietary care measures of life.Dali -ointment is an external formula for vitamin D derivatives of the alcohol, which can inhibit the hyperplasia of skin cells (horny cells) and induce the differentiation of it, thereby making the hyperplasia and differentiation of psoriasis skin lesions abnormally corrected.Therefore, it is recommended that each patient’s friends need to take the doctor’s advice reasonably to strive to get rid of the disease as soon as possible.

Question 2. There is a large scale on the skin. The more itchy, the more itchy, and it is very uncomfortable. After examination, it is suffering from psoriasis. Now the doctor prescribes the Dali ointment for me. I am more worried that this type of ointment will have hormone components.So, want to know!

Answer: According to the content of the instructions of the Dalius ointment, we can understand that the ingredients of Dali are allergic to the allergies or calcium metabolic disorders for the allergies or calcium metabolic disorders.In addition, Dali ointment may have a stimulating effect on the opposite skin and should be avoided for facial.After applying the medicine, be careful to wash the residual drugs on your hand.

Question 3. Can you also use Dali cream when you encounter such terrible psoriasis during pregnancy?

Answer: Once pregnant women suffer from psoriasis, in terms of treatment, the safety of drugs should be considered, and treatment methods that have less impact on the fetus should be selected.Animal experiments have not found any teratogenic effects of Dalixi ointment, but the safety of Dali ointment in pregnant women and lactating women has not been fully determined.In addition, patients with psoriasis should pay attention to adjusting their mentality and maintain an optimistic attitude, which is good for the fetus and the condition.

Some people say that psoriasis is "God’s tattoo", and God will have the traces of his kiss on the skin. However, this trace is tortured and painful, so no one wants to be selected by God.It is hoped that each patient with psoriasis can control the condition after receiving formal treatment, can get rid of psoriasis as soon as possible, and enjoy the same quality of life as ordinary people as soon as possible.

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