Can I use oily pregnant women? It is recommended not to use it

The oil is also called ostrich oil. It is a specialty of Tu’ao. It has obvious effects on the anti -freezing and freezing and anti -freezing scars. It also has a conditioning effect on some diseases. So, can it be used during pregnancy?

Can pregnant women use it?

Pregnant women cannot use

Ostrich oil is neither western medicine nor Chinese medicine, but biological preparations.It is a pure natural pain formula with ostrich oil as its main ingredient.In clinical tests, ostrich oil has been confirmed that among the existing natural formulas, the most efficient ingredient.Therefore, in a short period of time, the effectiveness of the drug power can be played directly, and it can quickly relieve and eliminate the discomfort of the injured area.Because of its unique high permeability, it is not greasy and will not be stained with dirty places.

Ban oil forbidden to use the crowd

1. Pregnant women and lactation women are disabled;

2. Store in places where children cannot contact;

3. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes, do not work with the thermal power;

4. This product should be stored in the low temperature avoidance place”p”subtitle”E”

How to use oil oil

How to use common pain symptoms

1. How to use cervical spondylosis:

The tendons on the lower edge of the pillow bone, the side of the cervical and cervical spine spine tribute are applied to the armpit and push for about 3 minutes.

2. Pain of shoulder thorough inflammation:

Reason: Western medicine -due to degenerative changes in joint capsules and surrounding soft tissues and sterile inflammation.

Traditional Chinese medicine -recurring the invasion of wind, cold and dampness, obstructing the meridians, or due to overwork and qi stagnation and blood stasis.

How to use: After the hot compresses, take the pain point as the center, follow the shoulder joint seam, scapular seam, and open a finger width to the spine parallel to the scapula. Repeat rubbing., Finally lead to the axillary polar springs.Those with severe pain or long -term pain must choose suitable therapy.

3. How to use lumbar spondylosis (lumbar disc herniation, lumbar stretch, lumbar muscle strain, etc.):

With the pain point as the center, up to the life door, down to the Changqiang, rub it repeatedly for 3 minutes; open 5cm and knead the left and right side; focus on pressing the tendon with a wide index finger next to the spine.Find the middle.”P”副”E”

4. Knee joint pain:

Reason: Due to the degenerative lesions of the knee cartilage, the invasion of the wind, cold and dampness invasion, and the stagnation of the wind and dampness, causing meridian hypoplasia and qi and blood stasis.

How to use: After the hot towel is applied to the knee joint, expand along the left and right sides of the bone seam to the middle acupoint, repeatedly rub it for about 5 minutes, and the middle acupoint from top to bottom to the middle of the crowd (the more the number of uses of the knee joint are, the better the effect, the better); Press the pain point within the length of the long range of the push (near the blood acupoint) and the outer side (near the Liangqiu acupoint) of the knee; apply a wide finger with a wide finger and the bone of the buttocks and press the bone of the hipPush for about 3 minutes.Finally, apply a cling film to apply the knee joint for 1-2 hours.

5. Tennis elbow:

Cause: trauma damage, wind, cold and dampness, and stagnation of qi and blood stasis.

How to use: After soaking with hot towels or hot water, apply the product as the center of the pain point, gently press and rub the fingers to the fingers along the arm, focus on pushing the elbow to the part with a long index finger. 1minute.Once once a day, 3-5 times each time, and then wrap it with plastic wrap for 1-2 hours.

6, tendinitis:

Main reasons: Due to damage, excessive force, or damage caused by the invasion of wind and dampness, the meridians are caused by the poor operation of qi and blood.

How to use: After soaking with hot water, apply the product as the center of the pain point, gently press and rub the fingers out of the finger, focus on the push-elbow to the top of the index finger for 1 minute.Once once a day, 3-5 times each time, and then use the plastic wrap to apply the pain place for 1-2 hours.”P”副”E”

7. Female dysmenorrhea and chronic pelvic inflammatory pain:

Apply this product at the abdomen, waist, groin, and tail vertebrae. Press the tail vertebrae. Press the abdomen and apply the waist and abdomen at the abdomen clockwise.Pay attention to the daily warmth of the waist.Dysmenorrhea can be regulated for 5 days in the first 10 days or a week before the menstrual period.It is not advisable to press the menstrual period, just apply repair cream.

8. Female breast tenderness and leafy hyperplasia:

Open a index finger next to the spine of the breast, apply the scapula and push for about 3 minutes, then push from the breasts around the breast with the thumb to the nipple, and finally bring it to the armpit.In severe cases, you can apply warm back and breasts.

9. Acute sprains (hot compresses after 6 hours of sprains):

For all sprains, the use of this product is good.However, it is best to use after sprains as soon as possible.When there is a sprain sequelae (such as: when the sky is painful), it is necessary to apply and push it on the muscles next to the tail vertebrae.

10, burns, burns:

Apply oil to the oil as soon as possible after burning and burns, and relieve pain for 5 minutes without leaving scars.The blisters generated in time after burns and burns can help absorb, and at the same time eliminate pain and repair scars.

11. Rhinitis:

First apply from the middle ditch to the middle of the nose on both sides to the middle of the front line, and then apply it on the back of the bone and the lower edge of the pillow bone and press for about 3 minutes. In severe cases, you can use a cotton swab to apply a little oil to apply the nasal cavity.”P”副”E”

12. Weeping in the wind:

Apply the bone and the lower edge of the ears and push for about 3 minutes; then apply the oil to the upper and lower eyelids (if you feel spicy, you can quickly apply your hands to your eyes).Tears appear, and it can be eliminated in 10-15 minutes.For 3 days in a row, the tears were basically returned to normal.

13, otitis media:

Clean the outer ear canal and apply a little oil with a cotton swab to apply it in the outer ear canal.

14. Oral cavity: gingivitis, periodontitis, oral ulcers

Apply oil directly to the gums and periodontal or ulcer areas, the effect is excellent.Those with frequent ulcers can apply it next to the back of the ears and the lower edge of the pillow and push for about 3 minutes, and then warm the head and the rear neck.

15. Salmonitis:

Apply from the middle to the chin; then apply it on both sides of the cervical spine and scapula and push for about 3 minutes.”P”副”E”

16, frostbite:

Clean the frostbite area before going to bed at night, apply this product for 3 consecutive times, each time for 15 minutes.If it is the hand (foot) frostbite, apply this product between the back of the hand (between the back of the foot) of the hand and push it for about 3 minutes to improve the blood circulation of the hand (foot).

17, headache, migraine:

First apply it on the back of the ears and the lower edge of the pillow and push for about 3 minutes; then use ten fingers to dip the belly to take a little combing the scalp in the headache area for about 10 minutes or use the dialing rod to take a little product.Repeat the headache area for 10-20 minutes.Many times a day, the effect is better.

18. Heel pain:

Apply this product on the heel, the rear side and the upper side of the rear side of the interior, and focus on the hip bone joints, the rear side of the inner aire bone, and the upper part of the back of the back for about 3 minutes.In severe cases, warm the heels and hips, and eat shark oil.

19. Toe, forefoot pain, stubborn foot athlete:

Apply this product at the forefoot, the back of the back of the foot (4 places), and the affected area.”P”副”E”

In severe cases, you need to apply warm back.

20, hemorrhoids:

Before going to bed at night, wash the affected area with water below 40 ° C, and then apply a little oil to apply the affected area; if there is a bleeding phenomenon, you can plug shark liver oil in the anus.Wipe the product on both sides of the hip and tail spine, and push for about 3 minutes.

21. Detoxification of the whole body:

Apply oil on the body of the body of the body and the second pulse of Ren Du, and put on a maintenance clothing into the Lei Lai Khan steaming room for 15-20 minutes, which helps to excrete and improve the symptoms of rheumatism, rheumatoid morning stiffness symptoms.And the pain and numbness of the body; improve the cold constitution and enhance resistance.

22. Daily health care:

Men: Before going to bed, apply this product in the width of the guwa, back bladder meridians, and spine. Push rubbing for 3-5 minutes to help sleep and improve male sexual dysfunction.

Women: Apply this product in Renmai, Du Mai and Back Bladder Meridian, Back Bladder Meridian, and spine.”P”副”E”


1. Bone arthritis: such as: (cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, periarthritis, knee arthritis, ankle arthritis)

2. Smok tissue: such as: (periarthritis, sprain, etc.)

3. Rheumatism

4. Chronic inflammation: All inflammation is abnormal cells, and acute inflammation is due to the infection of bacteria and bacteria; chronic inflammation is caused by congestion, edema, and hyperplasia due to infection.Such as: (chronic pharyngitis, chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, breast hyperplasia, prostate hypertrophy, prostate hyperplasia, etc.), can be treated fundamentally, and can be relieved by the last time.

5. Others: scar repair, burns, burns

6. Health care: 神 oil has a good effect on the activation of the nervous system.Urine bed (wiped from the back of the back to the tail), maintain the ovaries (rubbing at the groove), and protect the kidney (rub on the male kidneys).

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