Can I take a plane during pregnancy?What can I do during pregnancy?What can’t be done

After pregnancy, expectant mothers always think about what to do is good for the baby and what is not good.No matter what, safety during pregnancy is the most important. Here are two aspects of transportation and leisure and entertainment.

1. Transportation method

Airplane: In the early stages of pregnancy and in the middle of pregnancy, there is no problem with a plane for pregnant women, but it should not be more than 6 hours. For a long time, a plane can easily cause excessive fatigue. If there is a need for a plane in the third trimester, you should do it.Consultation with the doctor.

Driving: During pregnancy, pregnant women’s body is more likely to feel tired than ordinary people, and often occur in inconsistency. Therefore, if you feel that your state is not good, don’t drive barely.

Bicycle: After pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s belly becomes larger and the body balance becomes worse, so do not ride a bicycle.

Second, leisure and entertainment

Traveling: There should be careful things during pregnancy, but there is no problem with proper travel. Under the premise of physical condition, it is no problem to travel to travel to travel, but it is best not to choose to be in the first 3 months and last 2 months of pregnancy.Also pay attention to avoid long -distance travel.

Boiling hot spring: Compared with the general population, pregnant women will feel more likely to feel dizziness, so pregnant women should not stay in the hot spring pool for too long, and avoid hot springs in the early pregnancy and late pregnancy.

Seawater bath: Whether pregnant women can go to the beach to play according to their physical situation. It is best to consult a doctor before planning.Because the seawater bath is crowded and easy to be collided, it is necessary to avoid the peak season.

Shopping and watching movies: As long as the body allows, these things can be done. Shopping can be taken by the way, but you must choose a shopping mall with a rest place, and you can relax if you watch movies.The gap between the viewing room can occasionally leave the seat and stretch the bones.

Dance and yoga: For pregnant women, if you want to do some exercise, it is not appropriate to dance and yoga in pregnant women, but you must have professional instructors to take care of it to avoid accidents.

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