Can I still get pregnant after taking contraceptives?Doctor reminds: Don’t panic in these four unexpected pregnancy expectant mothers!

I usually communicate with some pregnant women. I often ask me about these questions: I did not prepare for pregnancy before pregnancy; I still drink, smoke, and take contraceptive pills before pregnancy. What should I do?Can my baby still want it?

Knowing that there is a baby, I am very happy, but there are always a lot of bad things to get pregnant. The expectant mothers often have a long time to talk about it. Today we will talk about several situations of accidental pregnancy.

Some expectant mothers stay up late before pregnancy, irregular work and rest, have no regular diet, and do not deliberately prepare for pregnancy. Although I do not encourage such a state of pregnancy, I still have to tell you: This is not a big problem!

Each year, nearly 40%of families are pregnant without any preparation, and most of them can get healthy babies.

As long as you learn from the moment you know the pregnancy, you can also get a healthy baby for the fetus in the stomach!

Some expectant mothers often ask me: Can I ask if I do n’t eat folic acid before pregnancy?Do you need to eat more to make up?

This type of expectant mother who is pregnant is recommended to go to the hospital’s obstetrics or nutrients during pregnancy to check the level of folic acid. Normally, don’t worry, it means that your daily diet will supplement you folic acid.

If your folic acid level does not meet the standard, doctors will also give suggestions based on your specific situation.

Preparation mothers who do n’t eat folic acid before pregnancy should pay attention not to add folic acid by themselves. Do n’t eat folic acid without eating. If you eat too much, you will also cause harm to you and your baby.

If you have the habit of smoking and drinking for a long time and accidentally getting pregnant, your baby will have malformation risks.For the health of your baby, you have to quit smoking and drink immediately, and regularly check, especially pay attention to the B -ultrasound malfunction examination in the middle of pregnancy in order to find problems in time.

If you just drank the wine occasionally without knowing your pregnancy, don’t worry too much, you can check it regularly.Just like a friend of mine, after recalling after pregnancy, I had a meal and drinking red wine. It was a bit worried, but there was no problem with the subsequent inspection, and the child was healthy after birth.

Expectant mothers should know that there is the theory of "all or no" in the early pregnancy: that is, within 4 weeks after the first day of the last menstruation, if you take medicine you should not take, do what you should do, or split the fertilized eggs.Affected, abortion was eliminated under the role of natural selection, or it would not be affected to survive smoothly.At this time, it has not reached the stage of organ differentiation, so the risk of malformation is also small.

If you have a hormone contraceptive, you find that you are pregnant, don’t be too nervous first.

The main component of contraceptives is progesterone. It avoids pregnancy by preventing or delaying ovulation, impacting fertilized and fertilized eggs in the endometrium in the uterus.After use, it is generally no teratogenic effect on the fetus, because organ development will only begin after taking the medicine for a long time, and the drugs are generally discharged within 24-48 hours after taking the medicine.

For mothers who do not know that they have taken contraceptives, they don’t need to worry too much, because multiple studies have shown that they will not increase the risk of baby deformity.

However, it should be noted that taking contraceptives within 3 months before pregnancy may increase the risk of children’s non -lymphocyte leukemia, and the risk of taking it during pregnancy will be higher, but this is mainly estrogen hypertrophy composite contraceptives.Betteral hormone contraceptives, including emergency contraceptives, will not have this impact.

For this situation, what we can do is to do a good job of delivery after pregnancy, and abnormal discussions with family members and doctors to decide whether to continue pregnancy, and children must actively prevent the occurrence of related diseases after birth.

The formation of the fetus is very complicated. Not only the expectant mother, but even the doctor, they do not know the entire process of its entire process.

I often say the four words I often say to the expectant mothers who are particularly anxious is that they did not blame in the past.

In the past, there was no way to change. What we can do is to change ourselves from now on. From now on, eat every meal well, take every birth check, and go through every difficulty with the baby.


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