Can I still ask for a baby after taking the medicine?

During pregnancy, the mother, placenta, and fetus are a whole.If pregnant women are sick, they need drug treatment, otherwise they can affect the health of the mother and the normal development of the fetus.But I used medicine and worried that it would have a bad impact on the fetus.Wang Suoqiong, chief of clinical pharmacy of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that there are almost no drugs that are currently absolutely safe for embryos and fetuses. Doctors must weigh the treatment benefits and risks for pregnant women.She also answered questions about clinically commonly used medication questions.

Medical Guidance/Pharmacist Wang Suo Qiong, Chief Pharmacist at the Clinical Pharmacy of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Text/Guangzhou Daily All -Media Reporter Wang Jing Correspondent Liu Yuanling

Different medication during pregnancy has different effects on the fetus

Many people in their lives only find that they are pregnant after taking the medicine, and worry about whether the child can be required.Wang Suoqiong said that when pregnant mothers are at different pregnancy, the effects of drugs on the fetus are different, and the guidance of medication is also distinguished.

The early stage of bed (within 4 weeks of menopause) was used for the impact of "full" or "none" on the fetus.If the pregnant woman has no abortion, it means that the drug does not have an adverse effect on the embryo.

Early pregnancy (5 to 12 weeks of menopause) is the period of organ formation, and drugs have the greatest danger.In the middle of pregnancy (13 weeks of menopause ~ before childbirth), the fetal formation period, which damages the nervous system, reproductive system and oral drugs to the fetus.In the third trimester to childbirth, the drug may cause abnormal dysfunction or adaptive adaptation after birth.Drugs should be checked in this period of time, and they should be checked and used under the guidance of doctors.

When breastfeeding is necessary, stop breastfeeding when necessary

Wang Suoqiong introduced that after the breast milk mother took medicine, the drug would enter the milk from the mother plasma through the plasma-milk barrier.She reminded that if a certain medicine must be used, and this kind of medicine may be harmful to the baby, it can temporarily use artificial feeding, and the time to determine the restoration of breastfeeding under the guidance of the doctor or pharmacist; or the doctor or pharmacist’s from the pharmacistChoose medicines that have a small impact on the baby under the guidance, and then take the medicine after feeding the baby.

Frequently problems in medication for six major pregnant women

1. Pregnant women’s fever, which kind of antipyretic medicine is safe?

Continuous fever in pregnant women can damage the development of the fetal brain nerve. After fever, she should seek medical treatment immediately.Acetamine is a commonly used antipyretic medicine for pregnant women. Please check the medicine instructions before taking the medicine to understand the effects of drugs on the fetus.

2. Do you need to take medicine "Mother Sugar"?

Pregnant women are not controlled by dietary treatment and exercise after diabetes, or insulin therapy should be used when the condition of the original diabetes is worse.

There are many kinds of insulin. Pregnant women should inject under the guidance of the physician, especially pay attention to checking the names, dosage and administration time of drugs.In addition, pregnant women should also measure blood sugar as required, and when they find abnormal blood sugar, they should tell physicians to adjust the amount of insulin.

3. Do pregnant women need to take medicine?

If the blood pressure of pregnant women can not be controlled after eating diet and exercise, or when the original hypertension is worsened, the blood pressure reduction is needed.There are many types of blood pressure, not every kind of lower blood pressure drug is suitable for pregnant women.Pregnant women must adhere to oral blood pressure drugs under the guidance of the doctor and measure blood pressure every day.When you find abnormal blood pressure, tell the doctor to adjust the amount of blood pressure reduction.

4. Can pregnant women take medicine?

It is very important for pregnant women to control the condition of asthma, otherwise it will cause fetal hypoxia.Try to choose inhalation and administration, use correctly, and adhere to medication to ensure that asthma is well controlled.

5. Can pregnant women vaccine?

Activated vaccine, such as pneumonia, biscellabal bacteria, influenza virus, hepatitis B virus, rabies virus and other vaccines. Toxin vaccines such as tetanus and virus vaccines can be vaccinated.

Verdy virus vaccines, such as measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox vaccines, are not recommended.Generally used in 3 months before pregnancy.

Cassia seedlings, B -cerebral vaccines, streaming vaccines and other live vaccines, pregnant women are disabled.If you need to be vaccinated during pregnancy, it is best to get pregnant 3 months after injections.

6. Pregnant women’s skin itching, what can you apply ointment?

There are many reasons for itching of pregnant women, such as itching urticaria of pregnancy, itching of skin stasis during pregnancy.If the effect is not good, take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

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