Can I smoke after pregnancy?Four -dimensional color Doppler shows that pregnant women are struggling when smoking

Many pregnant women have the habit of smoking before pregnancy. After pregnancy, it is difficult to quit, and they are worried that they will harm the health of the baby.So is it harmful to the baby for pregnant women?In 15 years, an expert should observe the expression of smoking pregnant women and non -smoking pregnant women’s fetal expressions through four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound technology. Let’s take a look at the photos of the four -dimensional color photos.

The following is a color Doppler ultrasound photo without smoking

We can see that the baby is very quiet, sucking his little hand from time to time, and occasionally open your eyes to see the surroundings.Explain that the fetus is developed well.

The picture below is the photo of the pregnant woman when smoking, the expression of the fetus.

The above photos, after seeing that pregnant women smoke, the fetus becomes anxious and keeps scratching her head with her hands, which looks very painful.This shows that after smoking, nicotine began to stimulate the fetus, making the fetus feel uncomfortable or uneasy, and became irritable.

What impact will pregnant women smoke on the baby?

1. Fetal weight

If pregnant women have the habit of smoking, and smoking is more frequent.After the fetus is born, it usually weighs 0.5 to 1 kg less than the normal fetus.It is said that this weight deviation increases with the frequency of smoking in pregnant women.

2. Breathing ability

Smoking pregnant women may affect the development of baby abdominal function in the fetal period.Even after birth, due to the dysplasia of the lung dysfunction during pregnancy, there will be major problems with breathing, and it may be higher to suffer from respiratory diseases.According to statistics, smoking for pregnant women will greatly increase the possibility of changing respiratory diseases such as asthma and other respiratory diseases after birth, and increase the probability of 300%.

3. Blood circulation

If pregnant women smoke frequently in the first three months, it is likely to affect the development of the fetal heart and affect the improvement of the entire blood circulation system.In smoking pregnant women, the probability of suffering from congenital heart disease after the baby is born increased by 70%.

4. Intellectual development

The fetal stage is the golden period of the baby’s brain formation and intellectual development. Smoking for pregnant women may cause irreversible damage to the fetal brain, which will greatly affect the baby’s intellectual development.

For the health of the baby, the mothers who have been pregnant or are preparing to quit smoking early.At the same time, it does not affect the baby without smoking. The second -hand smoke is as harmful to the baby. Therefore, it is recommended that the woman and husband and family who see this article must not smoke in front of pregnant women.

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