Can I raise a dog in pregnancy?Actually it’s not so mysterious!

Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings. Humanity has a long love for dogs. In addition, people’s living standards are getting better and better now, and there are more families who raise dogs.member.However, Xiaobian always heard that some families sent the dog away because of the hostess’s pregnancy. Some dogs even began to wander, very pitiful!The reason for this is that pregnancy raising dogs will cause fetal malformations. Is there really this?

Dogs are like humans, and some diseases will be contagious. It will have a certain threat for pregnant women with relatively low resistance!The culprit leading to the threat is the toxoplasma, and the toxoplasma shouldcopher causes abortion and fetal malformation of pregnant women.Ella and movie star Li Xiaolu in She once used as "negative textbooks" by netizens because of pregnant dogs.But now the baby’s baby is very healthy, and netizens have nothing to say!

Some friends will say: Did you just say that the bowworm will affect pregnant women?That’s right, it will have an impact, but science raising dogs during pregnancy can be effectively avoided. The following editors will tell you about the precautions that want to raise dogs during pregnancy, so that everyone can scientifically raise dogs.Dogs can make babies born healthy.By the way, it is best not to raise cats during pregnancy. The reason for the editor will be detailed in the following!

1. The first thing to pay attention to when raising dogs during pregnancy is that it is necessary to injected a prevention needle in accordance with the doctor’s requirements. It is better to choose a regular pet hospital.This is the basis of dog activities, and you must attract everyone’s attention!

2. Don’t let the puppy run to the hostess’s bedroom, of course, this also includes the other pregnant women’s homes.Especially the beds can not let the dog go up. There may be a lot of friends who have the habit of sleeping with the dog. This needs to be avoided during this period, because the dog will not pay special attention to which corner you have been to.Various bacteria should pay special attention to this during pregnancy!

3. Frequently clean up the hair of the dog at home: Before pregnancy, many owners also have the habit of cleaning the hair of the dog regularly. During pregnancy, the number of cleaning is increased. Even if the dog does not go to the owner’s bed, it is necessaryClean up to the room of pregnant women, and it is necessary to disinfect.If you do n’t pay attention to the dogs on the bed, you must replace all the previous bedding and sheets, which is more appropriate.

4. In fact, female friends during pregnancy are more loving than usual. In addition, they will play with dogs at home, touching or even hugging their dogs.If you interact with the dog, you need to clean your hands twice after cleaning your hands!

5. Xiaobian recommends that pregnant women friends prepare a special seat for themselves when raising puppies. Usually, you can put it in this way.Doing a lot of trouble can be avoided, and you can avoid excessive contact with the dog!

6. If you choose a friend who raises dogs during pregnancy, it is best to be friends. It is best to go to the hospital for a Kedochi examination when you are pregnant for three months.This is the top priority. Do not think that this is an injustice. Compared with healthy babies, these costs are simply minimal!

7. Another point is the basic principle. Pregnant women must pay attention to regular inspections. If you decide to raise dogs, pay special attention to the examination of the bowworm, and do not feed the dog’s healthy meat.It is also necessary to avoid dogs to come into contact with such foods. In addition, the dog’s feces and skin have nothing to do with Toxoplasma. Friends during pregnancy can tell family to help the dog clean up.

The above editor said that it is best not to raise a cat during pregnancy, mainly because cats are the main source of infection of this disease, because cats are the lifelong host of Toxoplasma.Once the meow star is infected, the cysts of the toxoplasma worms will appear in their feces. The cycle of this thing is really long. It is possible for about two weeks or even twenty days.High -risk groups of disease infection.

There are cats at home, and the probability of infection will be much greater than dogs. Xiaobian does not encourage everyone to abandon the meow star, but feel that it is better to temporarily with the cat for a period of time, instead of suffering from this risk.EssenceWhat do you think?

Special attention, toxoplasma is parasitic in the cells of animals. Once a person infects the toxoplasma, it responds in a short period of time.Ordinary people have the symptoms of fever. Friends during pregnancy may be more severe. In case of this situation, they must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.In fact, as long as you love cleanliness and hygiene, the chance of being infected with Toxoplasma is very small, and dog breeding is not as dangerous as people on the Internet say!

If you are still worried, you can only send the dog away temporarily. Occasionally, you can look at it where you foster. I believe that the dog will not blame you!Alright!Today’s content is written here first. If you have any omissions, you are also welcome to add it below. Tomorrow will talk to you about the pets of pets tomorrow. Xiaobian original, pure hand, support it!

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