Can I not eat mutton?Doctor: 5 kinds of foods with hepatitis B patients, it is recommended to eat less

Introduction: Hepatitis B is a chronic viral hepatitis B virus. Many people have different views on patients with hepatitis B.

First of all, everyone must understand the transmission of hepatitis B, including maternal and infant transmission, blood transmission, sexual transmission, normal communication with patients with hepatitis B in daily life, and eating will not be infected with hepatitis B virus, so you don’t have to panic.

Hepatitis B’s complete healing is very low. In addition to obeying the doctor’s instructions for reasonable treatment, it also depends on the personal adjustment of the patient. First of all, you must pay attention to eating habits.

Lamb is a particularly nutritious meat, especially in autumn and winter. It is welcomed by many people. Lamb has the effect of nourishing yin and dryness, but lamb at the same time is also recognized by everyone, especially the body is dry and angry.For people, eating lamb can easily lead to strong liver fire, which is not conducive to the stability and recovery of its own disease.

Liver cancer has become the second major cause of cancer death in China. Among people under the age of 60, liver cancer is still a common highly mortal cancer.

Although the pathogenesis of cancer has not fully understood, according to clinical research, diet, water, viral hepatitis, toxins, parasites and genetic factors are considered closely related to cancer. About 90%of cancer patients in China have B suffering from B.Hepatitis virus infection background.

There are four processes from virus infection to cancer, hepatitis B, virus infection, chronic hepatitis B hepatitis, hepatitis, hepatitis, liver cancer.

If the patient is diagnosed with hepatitis B virus, then this shows that it has become a carrier of chronic hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis virus will continue to reproduce and reproduce in the liver, causing hepatocyte inflammation and continuing to damage the liver.

If patients with hepatitis B do not have close monitoring or intervention in time, the possibility of liver cirrhosis or liver cancer in the later period will greatly increase.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone with hepatitis B virus needs to check their own liver function regularly and check the hepatitis B virus DNA, including paradamin and ultrasound imaging.

Due to liver disease, the oxidation, decomposition, and absorption of the liver cannot be fully completed, it will increase the burden on the liver and cause the disease to deteriorate.

Lamb is a kind of meat with high nutritional value. It belongs to the warmth of meat. Eating too much mutton can easily lead to deterioration of their own condition. For those with weak bodies, eating mutton properly can have a nourishing effect for the body.

And in the cold winter, eating mutton properly in the season can nourish blood and qi, promote blood circulation and stasis, and resist the cold, but many people say that patients with hepatitis B cannot eat mutton.

In fact, patients with hepatitis B can eat mutton appropriately, but it should be noted that the liver function of patients with hepatitis B patients is normal, and glutamic acid and croarine have not increased, and biliary redness has not increased.

Here are reminding glycerin not to eat too much mutton. Otherwise, it is easy to cause fire, the fire of the liver, increase the burden of liver metabolism, is not conducive to the treatment of hepatitis B, and it may also aggravate the disease.

If the patient is a patient with hepatitis B and liver cirrhosis, especially in the dish period of compensation, it is not recommended to eat too much mutton. This is mainly because high -fat foods can induce hepatic encephalopathy and aggravate the patient’s condition. At this time, patients should pay attention to pay attention toTake a medium -high protein diet for the body to avoid high -fat diet.

High -sugar food

Sugar not only exists in sugar, but also in various desserts of sugarcane, but also exists in steamed buns and rice.

Patients with hepatitis B, in addition to physiological needs, should be avoided in normal times, and the liver in the human internal organs is mainly responsible for metabolic function.

The liver function of patients with hepatitis B, intake of too much carbohydrates can cause their glucose metabolic disorders, affect normal digestion and absorption, promote the increase of fatty substances in the body, will lead to hyperlipidemia and fatty liver, and aggravate the original condition of the patient.

Greasy food

As an organ of the digestive system, the liver is mainly responsible for metabolic detoxification and functional stem cells that can secrete bile and bile participate in fat digestion.

If patients with hepatitis B are unlimited, greasy foods will cause excessive fat intake and increase the burden on the liver. This is undoubtedly oiling on the fire for patients with hepatitis B. Therefore, the diet should be lighted, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and refuse fat animals.liver.

Pickled food

Many people particularly like to eat kimchi, and some families usually marinate bacon, sausages and other vegetables, but the pickled food will add a large amount of salt during the marinating process. If hepatitis B patients eat a large amount of pickled food, it will affect the water in the body.The metabolism of sodium is very harmful to the liver.

Smoked and grilled food

When the fuels such as coal, charcoal, wood, wood and natural gas are incomplete, carcinogenic foods will be easily polluted by carcinogens during high -temperature smoke and baking. Therefore, patients with hepatitis B should eat less.

Smoked barbecue foods are not nutritious foods. In daily life, even people with good health should eat less or not eat, let alone patients with hepatitis B.


Alcoholic food contains alcoholic alcohol through liver problems with liver metabolic hepatitis B patients. If you eat alcohol -containing food, it is easy to cause alcohol to gather in the liver, cause liver cells damage, and further harm liver function.

Therefore, patients with hepatitis B must avoid drinking to prevent continuous damage to the liver. If hepatitis B develops further, complications may occur. Once complications occur, patients will have great pain.

Residents of High Development Zone in Hepatitis B

The spread of infectious diseases is inseparable from the three conditions, the source of infection, the transmission pathway, and the people of hepatitis B. If you live in the high incidence of hepatitis B, there must be many people suffering from this disease, then it will also increase the hepatitis B virus infection.risks of.

Common injection group

The common syringe exists in people with bad habits. Many people use the same venous syringe or needle, which easily increases the risk of blood transmission diseases. There are also a few people who can infect hepatitis B by frequent blood donation, resulting in a decline in immunity.

Pregnant woman

After all, the metabolic function of the fetus in the uterus mainly depends on the liver, and the liver may have a large workload. If the pregnant woman is attacked by a hepatitis B virus and infected hepatitis B, at this time, the fetus infection in the abdomen will be infected.

Hemodialysis patient

For patients with uremia or hematopoietic dysfunction, long -term hemodialysis needs, then cellular immunity is defective and severe anemia, and the immunity to hepatitis B virus is very poor. ThereforePatients with non -dialysis nephropathy.

AIDS patient

AIDS is an autoimmune disease. With the development of the disease, the body’s immunity is getting lower and lower, and it is naturally vulnerable to hepatitis B virus infection.

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