Can I live sex during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can bring joy to husband and wife, but think about the life of the two, worry about the baby’s harm; give up, the body and feelings are suffered.Can pregnant women live sex during pregnancy?

1. Can I live a sex life during pregnancy?

This is a question about sex during pregnancy, and the answer is yes.

As long as the husband and wife grasp the degree, they can also be "sex".

Sexual life during pregnancy is divided into three stages.In the early days of pregnancy, the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, to avoid sexual life,

At this time, the connection between the fetus and the mother is not firm. External stimuli such as sex can easily induce uterine contraction and cause abortion;

In the middle period (4 to 7 months after pregnancy), it is a period of relative stability. Moderate sexual life can be performed.

However, it is best to control it within 2 times a week. Before sex, we must carefully clean the private parts to avoid inducing uterine cavity infections due to sexual life;

In the last two months of pregnancy, avoid sexual life as much as possible, so as to prevent the penis from stimulating the uterus, and prostaglandin in the semen to cause uterine contraction and cause premature birth.

2. Under what circumstances need to avoid sexual life?

When the following situations occur, the sex life must be completely suspended:

1. Pregnant women’s vaginal bleeding or sexual intercourse pain;

2. Placenta is low or front; amniotic fluid is broken;

3. Pregnant women have a history of premature birth or habitual abortion;

4. Pregnant women’s abdominal pain;

5. Inadequate cervix function;

6. Anyone with genital herpes.

3. Will sexual life hurt the fetus in the abdomen?

Please rest assured that normal sexual life during pregnancy will not hurt the fetus.

The uterus is a "shelter" for fetal safety. It is protected by thick mucus embolism, and the fetus will not be harmed or infected.

If the wife is orgasm and feels that the baby is moving terrible, it is not that the baby is protesting sex, but because the mother’s heartbeat makes the baby excited.

4. Is it normal for women’s breasts during sexual life during pregnancy?

Women’s breasts during pregnancy will cause great changes. Due to the hyperplasia of breast ducts and blisters, fat deposition, nipples and areolas start to increase, black, and nipples are easy to erection.

Some pregnant women have obvious tenderness during sexual excitement.

Therefore, in the process of sexual life, try to avoid excessive stimulation of breasts.

Therefore, as long as the husband and wife grasp the degree during pregnancy, they can also be "sex".

Before and after sexual life, we must carefully clean the private parts to avoid inducing uterine cavity infections due to sexual life. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent vaginitis during pregnancy ~

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