Can I have the same room during menstruation?Can’t you get in contraception?4 behaviors may be hurting the uterus

The uterus, an important reproductive organs in women, are both powerful and fragile.It is a solid backing of life, but at the same time, a high -risk behavior can also put it into a dangerous situation.

In life, which bad behaviors of men will cause harm to the uterus?Today, Uncle Jiu will take everyone to see.

In real life, many boys will not have a cover on the grounds of "impact play".But without the premise that both sides want children, there is an extremely irresponsible behavior without the same room.

A study related to the "condom and erectile problem" states that men who are prone to erectile problems in the case of "condoms and erectile problems" are more likely to suffer from mild to moderate ED.The cause of the problem may be related to the psychological obstacles of the male itself, but there are quite a few people because they do not wear a condom properly.

Size: Tombs 49mm, medium 52mm, large 56mm, while the medium is more suitable for domestic men.

Material: latex condoms (most widely used), plastic condoms such as polyurethane or polyterane (suitable for latex allergies), lambskin condoms (more skin -friendly, but weak prevention of disease)

In addition, no sexual behavior hurts the uterus, which can easily lead to accidental pregnancy. In order to terminate pregnancy, they will choose abortion. If they are not careful, they may cause serious consequences such as uterine bleeding and infertility.At the same time, for those who often change sexual partners, no sexual behavior will also increase the probability of infection of AIDS, syphilis, and HPV.

Many boys think that as long as the problem is not released in the body, it is not large, but it is actually very unreliable.In the same room, even if it is not shot, as long as the vagina of girls contacts the prostate liquid containing sperm, it may be pregnant.

Similarly, in vitro ejaculation not only cannot contraception, but also may cause male sexual dysfunction.When it is about to launch, the handbrake is urgently pulled up to suppress ejaculation, which can easily cause semen to form a cyst, inducing prostatitis or even infertility.

Therefore, it will increase the probability of giving birth or active abortion for girls’ accidents or active abortion.If you really care about it, girls take emergency contraceptives within 72 hours, although the contraceptive rate can reach 74%-85%.

The hormonal young men and women can’t help but want to fight blood, but in fact, this is very unfriendly for the uterus.

During the menstrual period, the human body’s resistance is reduced, and the endometrium has a large number of endometrium bleeding. At this time, sexual intercourse is likely to increase the risk of bacterial infection, causing endometritis, and light menstrual abnormalities, and severe fertility.

In addition, menstrual repayment may allow the endometrium to reverse, adhesive with the fallopian tubes, pelvic cavity, etc., resulting in endometriosis or even infertility.

Before and after the same room, both sides must do a good job in body cleaning, especially some boys are too long in foreskin, and it is easy to hide dirt without cleaning. Bring the germs into girls, inducing gynecological diseases such as vaginitis and cervicitis.

Of course, protecting the uterus not only has a safe sex life, and daily care is also important.

Investigation of the American Cancer Society shows that obesity will increase the incidence of endometrial cancer.Endometrial cancer is one of the three common gynecological malignant tumors. It is common in women before and after menopause. During the onset, vaginal abnormal bleeding and lower abdominal pain occur.Therefore, we must control the weight.

Long -term smoking and drinking will inhibit the secretion of ovarian hormones, affect ovarian function, and even make menopause 1-2 years in advance.

Rinse warm water every day, clean up the private part from the back, and avoid bringing bacteria in the anus to the vagina.Choose a loose and breathable underwear to change it every day.

In general, before fully affected the intimate behavior of men and women, everyone must learn to protect themselves and put health first.

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