Can I have room during pregnancy?After reading these answers, do you know in your heart

Pregnancy is a big event in life. There are many things to consider for the woman or the man. One of them must be the things that both men and women who are married and pregnant.Is it in the same room?Many people may still feel shy, but it is worth sharing.

Both men and women during pregnancy can be in the same room, but there are many places to pay attention to. We must do my homework in advance. Otherwise, it is likely to hurt the woman and the child. Next, we focus on the points that need attention from the stage of pregnancy.

The first is early pregnancy, which refers to the first three months of pregnancy.In the eyes of the doctor, the same room is not recommended at this stage. The reason is very simple, because at this time, the placenta of women has not been formed, and the elegance content of pronunciation to protect embryos in the body is relatively small, so it is easy to be stimulated by the outside world, excessive stimulation,It is very easy to have a miscarriage.

The second is that in the middle of pregnancy, the prospective parents can enjoy the same room appropriately. At this time, the placenta in the woman’s belly has been completely formed, and the elegance of elegance at this stage can protect the fetus, but the movement is still softer.

The third is the third trimester. Even the first three months of the due date is the third trimester. At this time, the same room should not be in the same room, because the expectant mother should be prepared at this stage.Once the house is running, it is easy to stimulate the uterus. In case of accident, there will be a problem of life and health.

Next, I will teach you a few tricks to maintain a good posture of the woman. These are also based on the gentle premise of the man. Once too hard, it is easy to hurt the child.

The first is the rear -entry type. This posture does not compress the abdomen of the expectant mother, which is relatively safer.

The second is the side bedroom. No matter what the posture is to protect the child, this posture can avoid compression of the abdomen and reduce the risk of the same room.

The third is to sit in. Doctors recommend adopting this posture in the second trimester. The woman can grasp the rhythm to avoid accidental harm to the fetus.

Try not to do the same room in the early and late pregnancy. In case of something unexpected, the two parties are not affected, so I hope that everyone will take good homework as the premise. All behaviors should pay attention to protect the children.

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