Can I go to work without rest after abortion?Wrong, about 5 misunderstandings of the drug flow, don’t get it anymore

Sexual life is not harmonious. You must have a sense of prevention. If you are not pregnant, you must take contraceptive measures.Many people are inaccurate in sexual life, and they have no way to give birth after accidents. They can only choose abortion.There are two main methods of abortion, namely artificial abortion and drug abortion.People do not know enough about the abortion of drugs, thus entering a lot of misunderstandings.

1. The pain of drug abortion is less small

Many people think that abortion is a very relaxed way of miscarriage, at least without surgery.This idea is incorrect, and the pain of abortion of drugs is not smaller than artificial abortion.In the process of miscarriage, some people will have severe abdominal pain, and nausea, vomiting, fever, numbness, diarrhea, etc. also occur.It is not as easy as people imagined. To some extent, it is not as good as artificial abortion, especially painless abortion, and there are few subsequent problems.

2. After the abortion of the drug, you can work immediately

Many people choose a drug abortion because they think that the abortion of drugs is relatively easy, and they can work immediately after abortion. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.It takes time to abortion. Generally, it takes three days. Antibacterial drugs need to be taken orally two days ago. On the third day, orally orally caused the drug to shrink.Then you need to determine whether there is a clean flow. If there is no cleanliness, it will also arrange the subsequent Qing Palace, which will take a certain time.After the drug and centers have been abandoned, you should rest, and arrange enough time to give the subsequent matters.

3. The sexual life can be performed after the drug abortion

Many people know that after an artificial abortion, they cannot have sex for a month. In fact, the same is true of drugs and abortion. As long as there is a miscarriage, sexual life is not allowed, and at least abstinence should be more than one month.Women’s uterine endometrial environment needs to be repaired. Too early rooms will easily allow bacterial viruses and other private parts to invade women, causing women to suffer from gynecological inflammation.Some even affect future pregnancy because of premature sexual life.At least one month of conditioning, go to the hospital for review, see if the uterine recovery is good or not.

4. The production of medicine and centers is normal

Divide abortion needs to exclude pregnancy tissues, so bleeding time is relatively long, usually bleeding for 7-10 days.However, if the bleeding time is too long, you have to go to the hospital for more than two weeks, and you have to consider abortion. There is no possibility of gestational residues without air.Do not think that the blood production of drugs is normal. If the bleeding time exceeds two weeks, you must go to the hospital to take a look and check it.

5. Drugs and centers are suitable for everyone

Drug abortion is a way of abortion, but it is not suitable for every woman.Before choosing a drug abortion, you need to perform a physical examination, and tell your physical condition to the doctor in detail. After the doctor evaluates it, decide whether to have a drug abortion.Women who are allergic to drugs or women who vomit strenuousness, or women with a history of asthma, are not suitable for drug abortion. For their own safety, no drug abortion can be selected.

Drug abortion is a way of miscarriage. Before choosing a drug abortion, pay attention to relevant knowledge and obey the doctor’s guidance and suggestions.But the best is to take contraceptive measures to prevent the possibility of accidental pregnancy.

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